The Turquoise Coast Feature


Top Reasons to Go to The Turquoise Riviera

Take a Blue Cruise: Sail into the turquoise waters of remote and pristine bays on your own chartered yacht.

Trek the Lycian Way: Choose a one-day or multiday hike along this long-distance trail that runs parallel to much of the Turquoise Coast, from the coastal mountain forests to untouched beaches.

See spectacular ruins: Explore the ruins of some of the most spectacular ancient cities in the world—from mountaintop Termessos, to overgrown Olympos, and the extraordinarily intact Roman theater at Aspendos.

Appreciate the landscape: Rugged pine-clad mountains plunge into a vibrant blue sea that's broken by remote peninsulas and distant Greek islands.

Luxuriate in gorgeous lodgings: Relax in a beautifully Ottoman nobleman's mansion-turned-hotel on the wild and rugged Datça peninsula.

Beaches: Some of the Mediterranean's most perfect beaches, protected from development by national parks, sea turtles sanctuary, and ruins; lie on your sun bed or plunge from a floating diving platform.

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