Cappadocia and Central Turkey Hotels

Cappadocia is deservedly famous for its cave hotels—indeed, staying in one is a quintessential experience here. Carved out of soft tufa rock, they range from homey inns decorated in traditional style to high-end boutique properties with contemporary design and large hotels with luxurious furnishings. Some have been occupied for hundreds or even thousands of years, and original architectural details

add authenticity. Most visitors find troglodyte lodgings absolutely charming, but bear in mind that they really are caves; some may have little natural light, low ceilings, and occasional falling dust. Cave hotels can also involve numerous interconnecting levels with nary an elevator in sight—that’s part of the fun but it does require climbing. (Travelers with mobility issues are advised to contact a hotel before booking.) For those not wanting to stay in a cave, some hotels also have "stone rooms" built using traditional masonry techniques, often with beautiful vaulted ceilings and decorative carvings.

For the most part, hotels in Konya and Ankara don’t come close to matching the atmosphere of Cappadocia’s unique accommodations, but there are a few interesting boutique hotels and small inns to be found among the large international chains.

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