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Slovenia's prime contribution to dining has got to be the gostilna, essentially an inn or tavern but cleaner, warmer, and more inviting than the English translation suggests. These are frequently family-run, especially in the smaller towns and villages, with Mom in the kitchen and Pop out front pouring beers and taking orders. The staff is usually happy to suggest local or regional specialties.

Some of the better ones are situated alongside vineyards or farms.

Meal times follow the Continental norm for lunch and dinner. Even if a restaurant posts earlier opening times, the kitchen won't normally start operating until noon. Dinners typically start around 7 pm. It can be tough to finda breakfast place, so it's best to take the standard hotel or pension offering of sliced meats and cheeses when available.

Restaurants usually close one day a week. In larger towns like Ljubljana that's likely to be Sunday. In resort areas that cater to a weekend crowd, Monday is the usual day off. When in doubt, phone ahead.

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