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Quirky, seductive, fertile, sensual, faded, sunny, worldly, ravishing, long-suffering, hedonistic, luscious, mysterious, legendary—these adjectives only begin to describe the islands of the northeastern Aegean. This startling and rather arbitrary archipelago includes a sizeable number of islands, such as Ikaria, Samothraki, and Thassos, but we focus only on the three largest—Lesbos, Chios, and Samos. Closer to Turkey's coast than to Greece's, and quite separate from one another, these islands are hilly, sometimes mountainous, with dramatic coastlines and uncrowded beaches, brilliant architecture, and unforgettable historic sites.


The Northern Aegean Islands Hotels

Restored mansions, village houses, sophisticated hotels, and budget accommodations are all options. Reserve early in high... read more


The Northern Aegean Islands Restaurants

Although waterfront restaurants in the touristed areas can be mediocre, you can most often find delightful meals,... read more


The Northern Aegean Islands Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Samos Block Party: Math genius Pythagoras, freedom-loving Epicurus, and the fabled Aesop were just a few of this island's brightest... Read more

  • The Northern Aegean's Best Beaches

    Have beach, will travel? If sun and fun are at the top of your agenda, this region is blessed with a surfeit of beaches. And not just any... Read more


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