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To Greeks, Crete is the Megalonissi (Great Island), a hub of spectacular ancient art and architecture. Fabled as the land of King Minos, it is a unique world where civilization is counted by the millennium. From every point of view travelers discover landscapes of amazing variety. Mountains, split with deep gorges and honeycombed with caves, rise in sheer walls from the sea. Snowcapped peaks loom behind sandy shoreline, vineyards, and olive groves. Miles of beaches, some with a wealth of amenities and others isolated and unspoiled, fringe the coast. Yet despite the attractions of sea and mountains, it is still the mystery surrounding Europe's first civilization and empire that draws the great majority of visitors to Crete and its world-famous Minoan palaces.


Crete Hotels

Some of Greece's finest resorts line the shores of Elounda peninsula, offering sumptuous surroundings and exquisite service.... read more


Crete Restaurants

Cretans tend to take their meals seriously, and like to sit down in a taverna to a full meal. Family-run tavernas take... read more

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Things To Do in Crete

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  • Top Reasons to Go to Crete

    Minoan Magnificence: At the Palace of Knossos, get up close to the mysteries—and the throne room's dazzling murals—of the... Read more

  • Crete's Best Beaches

    With hundreds of miles of dramatic coastline, Crete serves up an almost endless supply of beaches. Many are soft and powdery, some are... Read more


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