7 Best Places to Shop in Crete, Greece

Agora—Avli Raw Materials

This amazing shop sells many of the best herbs, spices, oils, and other ingredients that Greece offers and that flavor the cuisine served just around the corner at the restaurant. Many of the offerings are unique to the shop and give a true taste of the local area. Oil and wine tastings are given, too.


On the edge of town, in a trendy, pale-green, award-winning modern building, a unique interactive-experience store from a pioneering eco-cosmetics company introduces you to their range of perfumes, soaps, sun protection, and creams. All products are 100% natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free and harness the knowledge of the last 40 centuries.


This enticing store just off the harbor sells the work of contemporary jewelers and other craftspeople from Crete and throughout Greece, as well as the work of owner Carmela Iatropoulou and her artist husband.

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Museum-standard copies of ancient amphora, pots, and pithoi are hand-painted by supremely talented artist Nic Gabriel.

Chez Sonia

An appealing array of beads, quartz and silver jewelry, woven tablecloths and scarves, carved bowls, and other handicrafts fills Chez Sonia.


For a souvenir that will be light to carry, stop in and browse shelves brimming with sponges harvested off the eponymous island and in other Greek waters.

Top Hanak Old Cretan Blankets and Kilims

Many of these antique blankets and rugs were made for dowries from homespun wool and natural dyes and they make beautiful souvenirs.