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Photo of Athens Photo: Greek National Tourist Organization

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It's no wonder that all roads lead to the fascinating and maddening metropolis of Athens. Lift your eyes 200 feet above the city to the Parthenon, its honey-color marble columns rising from a massive limestone base, and you behold architectural perfection that has not been surpassed in 2,500 years. But, today, this shrine of classical form dominates a 21st-century boomtown. To experience Athens—Athína in Greek—fully is to understand the essence of Greece: ancient monuments surviving in a sea of cement, startling beauty amid the squalor, tradition juxtaposed with modernity. Locals depend on humor and flexibility to deal with the chaos; you should do the same. The rewards are immense.


Athens Hotels

Greeks pride themselves for their "philoxenia," or hospitability. Even in antiquity, many of them referred to Zeus as Xenios... read more


Athens Restaurants

Taverna culture is all about sharing. People often order their own main meat, fish, or vegetable courses, but often share... read more


Athens Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Athens

    The Acropolis: An ancient beacon of bygone glory rising above Athens's smog, this iconic citadel represents everything the... Read more

  • The New Athens

    Those rewards are even greater now thanks to the many splendid features created for the city's 2004 Olympics. In 2000, Athens opened its... Read more

  • The Ageless City

    Happily, you can still wander into less-touristy areas to discover pockets of timeless charm. Here, in the lovelier Athenian... Read more

  • Landing a Seafood Feast, Greek Style

    Enjoying the bounty of the seas that wash against Greek shores can be a fishy business. The waters have been over-fished for decades and... Read more

  • Greek Fast Food

    Souvlaki is the original Greek fast food: spit-roasted or grilled meat, tomatoes, onions, and garlicky tzatziki wrapped in a pita to go.... Read more

  • Grand Promenade

    One of the most popular features created in Athens for the 2004 Olympics was the Grand Promenade, a pedestrian walkway created to beautify... Read more

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