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Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, no other city in Europe has seen more change than Berlin, the German capital. The two Berlins that had been physically separated for almost 30 years have become one, and the reunited city has become a cutting-edge destination for architecture, culture, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping. After successfully uniting its own East and West, Berlin now plays a pivotal role in the European Union. But even as the capital thinks and moves forward, history is always tugging at its sleeve. Between the wealth of neoclassical and 21st-century buildings there are constant reminders, both subtle and stark, of the events of the 20th century.


Berlin Hotels

Berlin’s distinct personality shines through in its hotels. You’ll find everything here—rooms individually designed by... read more


Berlin Restaurants

Berlin has plenty of unassuming neighborhood restaurants serving old-fashioned German food but happily, the dining scene in... read more

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Things To Do in Berlin

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Berlin Experiences

  • Berlin Today

    "Berlin is poor but sexy," the city’s flamboyant mayor Klaus Wowereit once declared, and the apt description became the German... Read more

  • Berlin Tours

    There's so much to see and do in Berlin; sometimes it makes sense to a take a tour and leave the itinerary to someone else. These are... Read more

  • Beers of Germany

    Beer, or "liquid bread" as it was described by medieval monks who wanted to avoid God's anger, is not just a vital element of German... Read more

  • Wines of Germany

    Germany produces some of the finest white wines in the world. Although more and more quality red wine is being produced, the majority of... Read more

  • Berlin Wall Walk

    The East German government, in an attempt to keep their beleaguered citizens from fleeing, built the Berlin wall practically overnight in... Read more

  • Berlin's Hot Spots, Day and Night

    Here’s a quick list of the city’s best streets and squares. Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg: Great restaurants and shopping.... Read more

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