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The sophisticated French island of St. Barthélemy (aka St. Barts) packs a lot into a delightfully small island package. The cuisine ranks among the Caribbean’s best, and almost everything is stylish—from the chic boutiques in the capital, Gustavia, to the private red-roof villas that dot the hillsides. You can spend the morning on a picturesque beach, try on the latest French fashions in the afternoon, watch the sunset over the megayachts in the handsome harbor, then choose from dozens of excellent restaurants for an elegant evening meal. These perks make St. Barts one of the region’s most expensive islands; consider it a splurge.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. The Scene The island is active, sexy, hedonistic, and hip, and the human scenery is as beautiful as the sparkling-blue sea vistas.
  2. Super Style St. Barth continues to change and evolve, becoming ever more chic.
  3. Great Dining New restaurants continue to tempt gourmets and gourmands.
  4. Shopping Galore If you're a shopper, you'll find bliss stalking the latest in clothes and accessories in dozens of the Caribbean's best boutiques.
  5. Getting Out on the Water Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and other water sports make going to the beach more than just a lounging experience.

When To Go

When to Go

High season in St. Barth is typical for the Caribbean, from mid-December through mid-April (or until after Easter). During busy holiday periods...

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