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Plan Your South Korea Vacation

South Korea is a country of juxtaposition. Serene mountain valleys bump against the pulsing lights and rush of 24-hour cities. Confucian tradition collides with the ultra-modern fashion and design. It's easy to focus on only one side of this dichotomy, but experiencing the depth and vibrancy of the country means seeing both the serene countryside and rapidly changing cities.

Korea is a country well-suited to travel, a place where people are welcoming to strangers. While cities like Seoul and Busan are strikingly modern, parts of the countryside seem strangely untouched by the past century. It's also a country whose hidden corners and valleys are as accessible to luxury travelers as they are to backpackers. In addition to the sights, the variety and quality of Korean cuisine offers a wealth of delights to foodies and food novices alike. Exploring Korea does demand one thing: openness to the new and unexpected, a willingness to rely on the kindness of others, and—above all—a sense of adventure.

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