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Delhi may be the capital city, but it's Mumbai that encapsulates all the dynamic, chaotic parts that make up modern India. This is where you'll find everything from succulent street food to haute cuisine, bargain-basement bazaars to the finest haute couture, humbling poverty to staggering wealth, sacred temples to hedonist nightclubs. Mumbai is India—vibrant, hectic, frustrating, enervating, and exhilarating, warts and all.


Mumbai Hotels

In Mumbai, unlike elsewhere in India, even mid-range hotels can be shockingly overpriced, and a hotel shortage means that... read more


Mumbai Restaurants

Mumbai is India's melting pot, as well as its most cosmopolitan city, so it's no surprise that you can find nearly every... read more


Mumbai Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    All of India in one city: Mumbai is both modern and old-fashioned, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly—all of India concentrated in... Read more

  • Eating Well in Mumbai

    Mumbai has a robust tradition of eating out for cheap—you can dine out on a dime at working-class diners or stretch your dollar at bars... Read more

  • The Bazaars and Markets of Mumbai

    Mumbai is not a city for sightseeing in the traditional sense—it's more a destination that you need to experience through your five... Read more

  • Mumbai's Holy Sites

    Although it's not generally known for its religious heritage, Mumbai has a holy legacy going back hundreds of years, with sites... Read more

  • The Great Bombay Name Change

    In the mid-1990s, a far-right government decided to change Bombay's name to Mumbai, a name often used in local languages, and which comes... Read more

  • A Good Walk of Mumbai's Markets

    This walk is not for the timid: It will be harried, the traffic is usually crazy, and the streets are dirty, but this is Mumbai, and the... Read more

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