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Cairo has a growing number of five-star hotels (as rated by the Egyptian Hotel Association) scattered across the city, but many of Cairo's big business hotels disappoint. This may be because they are too characterless and modern (distinctive Egyptian atmosphere is lacking in almost all cases) or because they simply fail to measure up to international standards, most often in terms of service. There

are certainly exceptions, and the general quality of the top hotels is on the rise at this writing. Regardless, the top-end hotels will offer all the facilities and modern conveniences you need to recuperate after a long day of sightseeing and shopping. Outside the five-star range, Cairo's options quickly grow limited, though there are still a few more budget-oriented hotels that fit the bill.

Cairo's top hotels are all quite affordable by international standards, but few have any sense of Old World charm. Expect to pay a substantial premium for a Nile or Pyramids view. While government authorities rate all hotels on a five-star scale, only a few really earn their stars. August and September are crowded with Gulf Arab arrivals, December and January and Easter are peaks for Europeans, and the major Islamic holidays see a lot of local and regional guests.

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