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Transfer Times Between Countries...Take 2

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I'm trying to figure out the best/quickest way to get from Wengen, Switzerland to Marazion, UK (near Penzance). I'll probably leave Wengen the evening before I'm to be in Marazion and spend the night in Geneva. The following morning, there is a 7am flight out of Geneva, arriving in London (LGW) at 7:30am. There is a 9:05am flight from LGW to Newquay. From Newquay I can probably get a ride to Marazion.

First...can I make that connection at Gatwick? I have 1 1/2 hours to get my luggage, go through customs and check back in for the 9am flight to Newquay.

Second...I feel like I've wracked my brain and keyboard trying to figure this out. Any other ideas? Taking the train requires me to get to Paddington Station, so if I fly into any London airport, I need to get into the city to get back out to Penzance (a 5-6 hr train ride). Flying into Newquay seems like the best option, but I may be missing something. Oh, we've also flown into Bristol and driven down to Penzance (3 hours), but being from the U.S., driving on the left for that quick trip added so much stress (albeit the source of a few funny stories).

Any suggestions or experience with customs at Gatwick would be much appreciated.
Thank you!

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