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Help for 3 days in November -- Thanksgiving weekend -- in Dublin

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Hi Fodorites and Ireland experts --
My DH and I decided on the spur of the moment this past weekend to go to Dublin instead of being with family on Thanksgiving weekend. In a moment of generosity we invited his parents to come along, who agreed in 2 seconds. None of us know anything about Dublin but it sounds like a great way to spend 3 days. Plus, there's Guinness.

About us -- DH and I in early 40s, his parents are (energetic) 72-year-olds. We are all veteran travelers in our own ways, and we know Dublin will be dark early at the end of November, possibly rainy and probably damp. But it doesn't matter. DH and I feel like we gotta get out of NYC for the weekend, and flying anywhere in the US will be impossibly expensive. After Googling around it seems that Dublin is the cheapest destination from JFK that is doable for a weekend where we don't have to lie on a beach and be bored.

We are not interested in staying in Tourist Central Area where it could be super-crowded and super-noisy. What might be a good, quiet, residential neighborhood for a hotel -- nothing fancy, but definitely clean and safe. Up to 120 euros ($150-ish) per night would be our limit. Breakfast included if possible.

In a 3-day visit, we're happy to sit in a pub or two, see the Book of Kells, a museum, take an interesting walking tour. Guinness. Maybe some theater. We all love photography and would love to find a view or a place that looks quintessentially Irish. Can we see a castle at that time of year? How would I find out about hearing some music? Is Dublin doable in 2 days and then we can take a day trip by bus or train somewhere?

Thanks for any advice. My next mission is to the bookstore for a guidebook.

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