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Miami and Miami Beach Travel Guide

The 12 Best Beaches in Miami

All of the most incredible beaches in and around Miami for every type of traveler.

It’s impossible to travel to the 305 without getting a bit sandy. Miami’s beaches are some of the best in the continental United States, and millions flock to enjoy them each year. Even though beach hopping is one of the best things to do in Miami, most Miami vacationers fail to venture beyond South Beach, and while SoBe is absolutely worth a visit, the Magic City has much more to offer. From secluded locales that will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island to family-friendly parks and kite surfing heavens, Miami truly has an oceanfront to satisfy all. Whether you’re looking for a day party, a place to enjoy with your dog, or everything in between, here are the top beaches in Miami for you and your travel style.

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Best Lowkey Beach in Miami: North Beach Oceanside Park

WHERE: North Miami Beach

North Beach Oceanside Park is one of the best beaches in Miami for a reason: it’s secluded, filled with trees, and remains free of mass tourism, especially on weekdays. Located on 83rd Street, this family-friendly urban green space features walking and cycling trails, a dog park, and free-to-use charcoal grills. You can even find a “normal” parking lot right next door, which is a true rarity on Miami Beach. But the best part is the sense of seclusion. Instead of high-rise condos, the barrier between this beach and Collins Avenue is a lush green park. Combine that with the fact it mostly attracts local residents, and you’ve got yourself one of the nicest beaches in Miami that most tourists don’t know about.

INSIDER TIPWhile it’s still a relatively lowkey beach, Oceanside Park can get busy come weekends and holidays. Mondays through Wednesdays are the best days to visit.


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Best Beach in Miami for Families: Matheson Hammock Park

WHERE: Coral Gables

Have you ever been to a beach pool before? Try it out at Matheson Hammock Park, a circular-shaped seaside tucked into Coral Gables–one of Miami’s most beautiful suburbs. The man-made beach gets its water from the surrounding Biscayne Bay and will transport you to the Caribbean thanks to its numerous palm trees and secluded feel. Thanks to a lack of waves and dangerous creatures, this is the best beach in Miami for families who want to get their swim on. Parents can also count on lifeguards and picnic areas, and while it might not be the most popular beach in Miami, it’s certainly worth checking out. You can also find some incredible Cuban Food around this leafy mini-city.

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Best Beach in Miami to Party: 8th Street

WHERE: South Beach

While the ultimate place to party is South Beach, for true debauchery (especially around Spring Break), look no further than 8th Street Beach. Here you’ll find jamming speakers, plenty of drinks, and all the vibes of a wild pool party. If you need a break from the festivities, you can always head north. The higher the number on the street, the chiller the beach tends to be.

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Most Unique Beach in Miami: Haulover Nude Beach

WHERE: North Miami Beach

While it’s not surprising that Vice City would have a nude beach, you might be surprised to learn it’s actually one of the top-ranked nude beaches in the country. It also happens to have some of the clearest water in Miami. Located way up north near 108th street, the turquoise-colored surf and body positivity of Haulover Nude Beach is worth experiencing. Before you enjoy the South Florida sun in your birthday suit, make sure you’re in the right place. Haulover’s nude beach is a small—a .4-mile stretch on the northern end of the much larger Haulover Beach Park— most of which is clothing mandatory. Remember that the beach is “nude, not lewd” and boasts an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

INSIDER TIPIf you want to experience a nude beach but aren’t quite comfortable taking it all off, that’s totally okay. As long as you’re respectful of other beachgoers, feel free to experience the clothing-optional philosophy during your Miami trip.


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Best Natural Beach Near Miami: Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

WHERE: Dania Beach

If you’re looking for the best beach near Miami, look no further than Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park. Located in Dania Beach about 40 minutes from Miami, this is undoubtedly the most natural beach you can find in the area. While the main section of Dania Beach (which features a nice boardwalk) can get pretty crowded, a 10 to15-minute walk left of the pier will lead you to South Florida beach seclusion, even on weekends. You won’t hear any sounds of cars here, and the lush state park portion of this beach feature trails and picnic tables, along with opportunities for paddling, snorkeling, and cycling.

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Best Beach in Miami for Cyclists: Bill Baggs State Park

WHERE: Key Biscayne

The Rickenbacker Causeway, known locally as the Key Biscayne Bridge, is undoubtedly the best cycling route in Miami. Epic views of the bright blue Biscayne Bay paired with actual cycle lanes? Can it get any better? Yes, it can!

The Key is filled with some of the best beaches in Miami, and cyclists will particularly love Bill Baggs State Park at the very tip of the island. A cycle route of over 5 miles from beginning to end will give you some epic views as you coast along to one of the truly secluded beaches in Miami. Aside from a picturesque beachfront and the historic 1825 Cape Florida lighthouse, Bill Baggs features a beautiful beach and several paved and unpaved trails.

INSIDER TIPLike most of Miami’s famous beaches, Bill Baggs gets busy on weekends but remains incredibly peaceful on weekday mornings and afternoons. If you don’t have a cycle, you can always rent a CityBike for a bit of two-wheeled fun.


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Best Gay Beach in Miami: 12th Street

WHERE: South Beach

It’s no secret that Miami is one of the most LGBTQIA+ friendly cities in America, and you get to see inclusivity at its best on the famous 12th Street Beach. Conveniently located near all of Ocean Drive’s best restaurants, 12th street is a chance to see part of what makes Miami so great. You’ll see many colorful rainbow flags and folks from all walks of life. Not LGBTQIA+ yourself? No worries—everyone is welcome on 12th street!

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Best Urban Beach in Miami: South Pointe Park

WHERE: South Beach

If you want to experience the salty air and waves without getting wet, look no further than South Pointe Park, one of the top beaches in Miami for both residents and tourists alike. This hybrid beach park is a place where you can get acquainted with the Atlantic Ocean, chill on one of the many benches, or get some steps in on one of the walking/cycling trails. Come sunset, bask in epic cotton-candy views of the Miami Skyline, or take a stroll along the 450-foot South Pointe Pier. The pier is an active place where you can watch (or join in if you’ve got the gear) local fishing and water sports scenes.

INSIDER TIPIf you’re in the market for a seriously amazing meal to end your time at South Pointe Park, splurge on a meal at Smith & Wollensky. It’s one of the best restaurants in Miami, known for its delectable seafood and steak dishes.


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Best Beach in Miami for Kitesurfers (or Couples): Crandon Park

WHERE: Key Biscayne

Crandon Park, a palm-tree-filled beach on Key Biscayne, should be on every Miami itinerary. It might just be the nicest beach in Miami most of the year and is a true heaven for kite surfers. There are also options to rent your own gear and take part in a lesson if you want to give this unique sport a try.

Crandon Park is massive and broken up into two sections: North Beach and South Beach. South Beach is where you’ll want to head for secluded tropical island vibes, communal charcoal grills, and the best surf conditions. While the areas of Crandon Park closest to the attached parking lot tend to get crowded, if you simply head past the equipment rental, you’ll soon find yourself right in front of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Nature Preserve. It tends to be mostly empty and might be the ultimate find on your quest for quiet beaches in Miami.

INSIDER TIPAlways check the wind conditions before heading out here–Crandon Park is perhaps the windiest beach in Miami. Though perfect for kitesurfing, extreme winds are much less ideal for swimming and sunbathing.


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Best Day Trip From Miami: Fort Lauderdale Beach

WHERE: Fort Lauderdale

Just under an hour from the Magic City is Fort Lauderdale Beach, one of the top day trips from Miami. If you’re looking for a totally different city vibe just an hour from the 305, Ft. Lauderdale should be your first choice. With several miles of soft sand and turquoise waters, this South Florida city is a bit more laid back than Miami, but that might be exactly what you need after a few wild nights out. Rent a beach chair or cabana if you’re feeling luxurious, and enjoy an entirely different afternoon from what you’ll find at any of the downtown beaches in Miami.

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Best Dog-Friendly Beach in Miami: Hobie Island Beach Park

WHERE: Key Biscayne

Hobie Island Beach is yet another one of Miami’s top beaches located on the lovely Key Biscayne. But the cool thing about this one is that not only is it incredibly easy to reach by foot, car, or cycle, but it’s also VERY pet friendly and often colloquially called the “dog beach.” Just off the Rickenbacker Causeway, Hobie Island boasts calm waters, excellent views of Miami, and some killer sunsets. Its easy access makes it a perfect place to spend a few hours or culminate a run or ride over the Causeway. While not as windy as Crandon Park, Hobie Island is another top Miami beach for kite or windsurfing, and you’ll find gear rentals and food carts here, too.

INSIDER TIPHobie Beach has some of the best sunsets on Key Biscayne. Watch the sun *almost* dip into the water, a rarity on this side of South Florida!


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A Chill Beach in Miami: Mid Beach (21st-45th Street)

WHERE: Miami Beach

So, you want those SoBe vibes but aren’t quite looking to take part in the chaos of Ocean Drive? Miami has just the beach for you. From 21st-45th streets lies a stretch of sand known as Mid Beach. Home to some of the best hotels in Miami, this calm section of South Beach is ideal for those looking for a less rowdy and far more luxurious Miami beach to get some sun. Take a stroll along the lengthy Miami Beach boardwalk or grab an ocean-front seat in front of the clean, azure water. If staying in Mid Beach is out of budget, grab a towel and come for the day. You can almost always find some peace at Mid Beach during spring break, just a few blocks away from the madness.