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You Can’t Drive in Florida if You Have a License From These 4 States

Certain licenses issued in Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, and Vermont are no longer valid in Florida.

Under new state law, drivers from five states may have trouble driving through Florida.

Aimed at cracking down on undocumented immigrants, Florida Governor Ron De Santis declared that driver’s licenses and driving permits from five states are now invalid in Florida. This law came into effect on July 1st.

What States Are in This Declaration?

Drivers from Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Delaware are in the hot seat. However, not all driver’s licenses and permits are under scrutiny. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has updated its website to include the stipulations. The following types of driver’s licenses and driver permits are now invalid in Florida:

– Connecticut licenses that indicate “Not For Federal Identification”
– Delaware licenses that indicate “Driving Privilege Only” or “Not Valid for Identification”
– Hawaii licenses that indicate “Limited Purpose Driver’s License,” “Limited Purpose Instruction Permit,” “Limited Purpose Provisional Driver’s License,” or “Not Valid for use for official Federal purposes”
– Vermont licenses that indicate “Not for REAL ID Purposes Driver’s Privilege Card,” “Not for REAL ID Purposes Junior Driver’s Privilege Card,” or “Not for REAL ID Purposes Learner’s Privilege Card”

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Certain Rhode Island licenses had also been banned, however, earlier this week Florida updated their guidelines to allow them.

Moving Forward With Travel in the State

With Florida being home to several trip-worthy destinations, amid the growing concern for safety for other marginalized communities, their tourism and general economy may see a hit from continued restrictions as groups look for alternative and more welcoming tourist areas. Tourism aside, drivers with these restrictions may also have to look for alternative options to visit family and friends that reside within the state. Under this law, it is also illegal to transport undocumented persons to the state.

Florida law enforcement will use routine traffic stops to verify valid or invalid licenses. Out-of-state drivers with the outlined restrictions may receive a citation for driving without a license. Citations of this sort are a criminal offense in Florida, carrying hefty fines and possible jail time. Those with unrestricted driver’s licenses and permits should not be subject to receiving a citation.

Navigating restrictions across states outside of your one residence is cumbersome. It magnifies when opting for a road trip or travel where you will cross multiple state and county lines. As best practice:

Review the laws before traveling. If you are a driver, you can visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles FAQ page on their website. You can also call the office before the trip to share your concerns.

Share your itinerary with loved ones for peace of mind as you travel. In areas that might pose a safety concern, you should create a plan of action and safety plan. Who are you calling if you get stopped by law enforcement? Are there extra funds set aside to pay any applicable fees for citations? Who should your family or friends call on your behalf if they can not assist you themselves?

Travel with both electronic and paper copies of any travel documents. Be sure to include your licenses, registration, and insurance information. It will assist you in presenting necessary information in the event of poor cell phone reception. 

Per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, more states are being reviewed and can be added to the list in the forthcoming months. For continuous updates, you can monitor their website for details.

brubble September 21, 2023

Just to be clear... I was born in New York, and now live in Vermont. Florida has invalidated my driver's license. So, no, this is not just targeted at illegal aliens, as my Floridian friends and family members keep claiming; it's also targeted at American citizens. And clearly it's a publicity stunt as it appears to only directed at some small states, and not large ones with similar laws, because the Gov wants to brag about it on the stump, but not actually take a hit on tourist dollars.

NL15 July 14, 2023

I no longer go to Florida for any reason whatsoever because of the hateful government regulations. This law is the exception. I have no problem with it. I have a problem with the way Florida treats some citizens with hate and distain and takes rights from them. In addtion to not going there any longer, my business has pulled out of Florida. We will not contribute a dime to the Florida tax couffers any longer.


I seriously doubt Florida's new driver's license bans will survive a Supreme Court test.

JustWondering July 14, 2023

Wondering what the proposal is to use as ID if you're from one of the mentioned states? How do you drive or drive through that state?  I don't even understand what the Govenor is trying to accomplish because the explanation doesn't make sense.