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Immerse Yourself in the Color Factory Pop Up

Taste (but mostly see) the rainbow at what might be the most Instagram-friendly pop up ever.

If you’re looking to visit a certain color-oriented pop up in the San Franciscan neighborhood of Union Square, there’s no need to consult an address or even any signage. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the three-story-high, multi-hued striped façade of the Color Factory.

ColorFacoryElevator-Color Factory
ColorFactory01-Color Factory
 Color Factory

Spearheaded by Oh Happy Day artist Leah Rosenberg and designer Erin Jang, the two story experience is an interactive exhibition featuring 15 unique works that explore not only how we see color but how we interact with it.

Indeed, when you embark on this kaleidoscopic adventure you’ll find your way through a forest of 10,000 colorful ribbons, submerge yourself in a sunshine-yellow ball pit, sample some tasty multi-colored treats, and—of course—take plenty of world class Instagram pics thanks to the exhibition’s six room-sized photo booth stations.

The Color Factory
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