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The 10 Best Restaurants in Toronto That Highlight Its International Dining Scene

Toronto delivers one of the most diverse, elevated, and immersive dining experiences in the world.

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, home to more than 250 ethnicities among its 2.9 million residents. This diversity contributes to an eclectic, savory, and always-evolving dining scene.

For diverse, elevated dining experiences, set aside a portion of your travel budget to indulge in Toronto’s culinary scene. From English-style afternoon tea to savory Filipino cuisine, Toronto truly has it all. Whether you’re in the mood for an opulent Canadian steakhouse experience or a journey through the vibrant tastes of Asian fusion, Toronto’s dining options promise memorable moments for discerning food enthusiasts. Here are some of Toronto’s finest restaurants and the chefs that bring them to life.

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WHERE: Shangri-La Toronto Hotel

Bosk, deeply rooted in nature and dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients, skillfully combines the vibrant flavors of Italy. Every dish is meticulously prepared to pay tribute to the hard work and commitment of local Canadian farmers and suppliers.

Recommended dishes, carefully curated by Executive Chef JohnRoss Woodland and Chef De Cuisine, Troy Cabarios, to perfectly encapsulate Bosk’s dedication to northern Italian cuisine, include the mushroom pappardelle made with “Marc’s Mushrooms” porcini and black garlic butter with cured egg yolk, as well as spaghetti bolognese topped with fresh tomatoes.

In addition to the delightful culinary offerings, a diverse selection of the finest wines and beverages is available to complement your dining experience. Other favorites include the Pacific halibut and Agribio Farms cornish hen. For the main course, indulge in the Beverly Creek 10 oz Canadian prime rib eye, presented with “Marc’s Mushrooms,“ porcini, and espresso crust.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert; Bosk’s dessert menu features the must-try torta caprese (chocolate cherry cake) and honey semifreddo (honey cake) made with vanilla semifreddo ”Norfolk Fruit Growers” fall apple compote.

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Mineral Toronto

WHERE: 1027 Yonge St.

Walk through the doors of Mineral Toronto to be transported to a balmy night in Manila, where you can fully savor the Malayo-Polynesian roots of Filipino cuisine.

Filipino-Canadian culinary artist Chef Daniel Cancino‘s latest creation is duck confit Adobo, the unofficial national dish of the Philippines, made with homemade duck demi-glace (crafted by slow-cooking bones overnight, then reduced with red wine) seasoned with an “Adobo” touch– finished off with scallion oil and sherry vinegar.  Start with tuna kinilaw, served with passionfruit and calamansi citrus marinade, avocado, watermelon radish, and crab chips.

A classic main dish is turbot sinigang, an upscale take on a traditional Filipino recipe featuring sea buckthorn broth and compressed tomato and shishito peppers. For dessert, do not pass up the ube leche flan served with white chocolate, compressed fruits, jasmine hibiscus gel, and puffed rice.

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Koh Lipe

WHERE: 35 Baldwin St. & 4675 Steeles Ave. E.

Koh Lipe, taking its name from the picturesque southern Thailand island, offers a delectable array of regional Thai dishes. Expect refined favorites and new dishes such as fresh pineapple salad with squid and shrimp, fried crispy skin tofu with betel leaf, traditional spicy, sour curries, and fried mackerel fish and rice.

Koh Lipe is owner/chef Patrick Suksaen’s childhood home, and the menu is an homage to his roots. The cuisine embodies flavors and cooking methods from China, India, Malaysia, and Thailand, and the menu at Koh Lipe is committed to offering diners a traditional Thai culinary experience.

Chef specials include prik pao talay, a stir-fried smoked chili platter, shrimps, mussels, squid, clams, and basil, and prik gaeng moo krob, an incredibly aromatic, spicy, and rich Thai stir fry.

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DaNico Toronto

WHERE: 440 College St.

A new Italian restaurant from Liberty Entertainment Group, DaNico Toronto, housed within a meticulously restored heritage site at College and Bathurst, defies conventional Italian dining. It is a cross-cultural culinary sanctuary, seamlessly fusing two distinct worlds—Japan and Italy–to craft a boldly harmonized and delectable menu.

DaNico is home to Chef Daniele Corona, renowned for weaving the elegance and simplicity of Asian culinary artistry into DaNico’s contemporary interpretations of Italian classics.

Try dishes like il manzo (“the beef” in Italian) and Japanese A5 Wagyu marinated for 12 hours and gently grilled. It’s also worth trying the tortellini d’agnello e anguilla affumicata, which is braised Ontario lamb stuffed into micro-tortellini. For dessert, the Bosco Delle Fragole is a beautiful strawberry panna cotta served with rhubarb marinade and house-made goat’s milk ice cream drizzled with olive oil.

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Día Restaurant & Lounge

WHERE: 387 Bloor St. E.

Dia Restaurant and Lounge invites you on an international culinary journey, showcasing an array of flavors from classic Italian dishes to cherished Korean favorites that celebrate Toronto’s rich cultural diversity.

Dia Restaurant and Lounge effortlessly fuse chic contemporary decor with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, complete with a fireplace. Savor the chicken Ras El Hanout and the Tunisian tiger shrimp skewers or the spicy Korean fried chicken with gochujang. The salmon Bahia moqueca tastes so fresh, as though it came straight from Brazil.

You can’t go wrong with the Italian dishes prepared by Executive Chef Justin Raponi, who specializes in high-end culinary art and exploration and has 24 years of experience in the industry.

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Alo Restaurant

WHERE: 163 Spadina Ave.

An open kitchen, lively bar, welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like a VIP, and an extensive modern French-inspired Michelin-star menu sum up the Alo culinary experience. Alo merges European (modern French) and Asian culinary influences in robust tasting menus.

Chef Patrick Kriss is also the founder of Alo Food Group, which oversees a renowned group of restaurants like ALO. After training in France with Régis Marcon and La Maison Troisgros, he returned to Toronto and served as chef de cuisine and chef before opening Alo in 2015.

Consider the Koshihikari risotto with porcini emulsion or the rack of lamb accompanied by a Thai green curry. For traditional French cuisine, try the Dover sole with caviar beurre blanc. Alo takes pride in not taking themselves ”too seriously “ but rather being open to modern interpretations of classic French dishes.

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Akira Back Toronto

WHERE: Bisha Hotel, 80 Blue Jays Way

As soon as you step into Akira Back Toronto, the sleek design with layers of gold detail and carbon black conveys a sense of pure luxury.

Executive Chef and owner Akira Back is a South Korean native who infuses a spirited sense of adventure and innovation into his culinary creations. His journey took an exciting turn when he transitioned from a professional snowboarder to a chef. His culinary repertoire mirrors the rich diversity of flavors that blend authentic Korean and Japanese cuisines.

From the cold sharing menu, consider the Hokkaido scallop kiwi with onion salsa, truffle paste, or yuzu soy, as well as the sashimi tacos with serrano and spicy ponzu aioli. On the hot sharing menu, there’s the corn tempura, seared scallop with orange relish and yuja beurre blanc, or indulge in the 48-hour Wagyu short rib. Mains include seared sea bass, lamb chops, jidori chicken, and an impressive sushi selection.

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Paros Yorkville  

WHERE: 119 Yorkville Ave.

Paros Yorkville proudly distinguishes itself as more than just another Mediterranean fusion restaurant, but rather, an operation that is proudly 100 percent Greek. Executive Chef Jack Connacher meticulously sources all ingredients from Greece, including feta, olive oil, honey, and oregano.

Begin with the crunchy zucchini chips double-dosed with oregano, accompanied by Greek yogurt, dill, garlic, and olive oil. The Greek salad, topped with oven-warmed feta, includes Greek tomato varieties grown right in Ontario, a testament to Paros’ commitment to an authentic Greek menu. Another favorite, the Paros sliders, features a patty made of beef and lamb, with milk-soaked bread crumbs on tiny pitas. Almost all beverages are imported from Greece, down to the bottled water.

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WHERE: 3328 Yonge St.

Shoushin isn’t afraid to make a statement, greeting guests with a façade of light stone and a stunning hinoki counter upon which Chef Jackie Lin works his magic. After 20 years as a sushi chef, Lin continues his pursuit of making the most authentic Japanese sushi possible at Shoushin.

For flavors you won’t find elsewhere, try one of two seasonal sushi omakase menu options, which feature delicacies like grilled barracuda with pine mushroom and wild-caught yellowtail shabbu shabbu. Or indulge in a personalized omakase selection featuring a variety of seafood with sake pairing. Elevate your dining with add-ons like uni toro caviar, and crowned with musk melon.

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Lobby Lounge

WHERE: Shangri-La Toronto Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel’s Lobby Lounge offers guests a traditional afternoon tea experience that evokes London’s most beloved tea houses. The Lobby Lounge, with a welcoming fireplace, is complemented by daily live piano performances.

Expect treats like salmon gravlax, truffle and mushroom choux, mini deep-dish pizza, and a golden ticket egg consisting of potato croquette with egg yolk, bacon, and Gruyère. Indulge your sweet tooth with Matilda’s chocolate cake and Willy Wonka’s magic mushroom (made of birch, haskap, and rosemary).

Enjoy the tea of your choice, including English breakfast, chamomile, peppermint, jasmine, and floral teas (my personal favorite was the jasmine). Afternoon tea is served from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Sunday.

For this Fall’s special theme, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Chef De Cuisine Troy Cabarios and Pastry Chef Steven Tran created a three-tiered savory afternoon tea inspired by popular films.