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Istanbul’s Parkorman Park to Be Architectural Adventure Including Treetop Trampolines


The city of Istanbul, famous for sweeping bazaars and stunning mosques, does not have a particularly large amount of areas dedicated to green space. For a city that exists often out of reach from nature, how can residents and tourists seek and find refuge in its beauty?



Architectural studio DROR seeks to remedy just that: “When considering the approach for a park located six miles north of the city center, we asked ourselves: how do we draw strangers-to-nature to this destination?” The solution envisions a bold new park experience where visitors can jump on trampolines in the treetrops, swing in hammocks, get lost in a maze-like sculpture trail, stand inside a waterfall fountain, and create their own unique experiences among the lush forest.



Parkorman Park will be divided into five distinct zones each divided and presented to provoke emotion, encourage interactivity and play, and foster collectiveness and exploration.

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