Side Trips from Stockholm


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Travel a little farther from Stockholm and you will see why even the biggest fans of this green and pleasant city make a regular and even hurried exit from their city on summer weekends. Immediately outside of Stockholm is the archipelago, meaning paradise on earth to a Swede with a boat and some time to kill. You can get lost among the many thousands of islands and skerries. As you'll see, pleasures here are simple: sunbathing on a rock, dipping in the chilly Baltic, enjoying a simple meal in a local bistro, and lazily watching the sun sink below the horizon.

Farther afield (south of Stockholm, in the Baltic) is the island of Gotland, a settlement whose medieval walls whisper of Vikings, pirates, and hidden treasure. For most people, though, it is the warm climate, stunning nature reserves, and legendary nightlife that bring them here year after year.

Uppsala, north of Stockholm, is one of Europe's oldest and most respected seats of learning. The town is full of medieval and Gothic buildings that are a testament to its long history and former position of power as capital of the country. But there's always the chance to let loose; this is a student town, after all.

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