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Edinburgh and the Lothians Travel Guide

The 10 Best Boutiques and Shops in Edinburgh

Find everything in these Edinburgh shops, from artisanal soaps to herbal remedies to boutique perfumers.

Edinburgh has a wide range of lovely boutiques stocking Scottish-made and inspired products, which means that shopping for some small pieces of Scotland to bring home with you is a delightful way to spend your day(s). Classic and modern talismans of Celtic craft and design await in this enticing assortment of independent shops.



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Armstrong & Son

WHERE: Multiple Locations

Armstrongs, as it is known locally, is a famous vintage emporium that now boasts four central locations–a tribute to their enduring popularity. It stocks a wide range of vintage clothing from different eras but is especially good for its selection of knitwear–look out for quality Scottish cashmere and traditional Aran cable knits. If you are in the market for something even more Scottish, then you can hunt through their impressive collection of traditional kilts. Either way, enjoy sifting through these magical dressing-up boxes.


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Jorum Studio

WHERE: 12 St Stephen Street

Established in 2019, Jorum Studio is an independent perfumer based on lovely St Stephen Street in Stockbridge. Led by Scottish perfumer Euan McCall, Jorum is a very modern fragrance brand that combines poetic inspiration with strong roots in craft traditions. The bottles and art direction are fresh and exciting, while the scents are creative and innovative. The brand plays with unexpected Scottish ingredients such as Gorse, Burdock, and Lichen, which make for unique combinations. It is always lovely to buy a new scent to remind you of a trip, and Jorum will make this ritual even more special.

INSIDER TIPSeek out their “Scottish Odyssey” collection; inspired by local folklore and mystery these brightly colored labels and irreverent potions make for joyful shopping.


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WHERE: 18 Bristo Place

I understand that an herbal apothecary might not be your first thought when imagining vacation shopping, but Napiers is unique. Founded in 1860 by Duncan Napier, an eminent Victorian botanist and the most famous herbalist in Scotland, the apothecary and treatment rooms continue his legacy. With a range of herbal and holistic health remedies, many of which are based on his original recipes, this is the place to come to ease any number of complaints – and doesn’t something always rear its head while traveling?

INSIDER TIPTheir medicinal tea blends and in-house skincare range make lovely gifts.




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WHERE: 1 Customs Wharf

A new addition to Leith, this stylish concept store showcases the best of modern Scottish craft. The name Bard–“a traveling storyteller and champion of noble deeds” in Celtic cultures–is reflected in the thoughtful curation of makers and designers from around Scotland. There is a real sense of quality and care here, which lends a kind of gravitas (and corresponding price point) to the goods on offer. The space feels more like an art gallery than a shop but many of the offerings–knitwear, ceramics, jewelry, and homewares – are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. This is high-end design at its most local and rustic.

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WHERE: 46 St Stephen Street

Aetla is an elegant, contemporary boutique selling an array of fine jewelry by designers based in Scotland and beyond. This is the spot to come if you are looking for some luxurious local design with which to adorn yourself. Special note goes to the colorful jewels of Scottish brands Alison Macleod and Grainne Morton, but there is a range of styles here to suit most tastes.

INSIDER TIPThey also have an excellent selection of vintage and antique jewelry.


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The Tartan Blanket Co.

WHERE: 170B Great Jct Street

An innovative business that has taken something of a stale Scottish cliché–the tartan blanket and scarf–and given it a modern twist. Tartan Blanket Co. is a certified B corporation, taking recycled wool and spinning it into the warmest, most buttery soft blankets and scarves. Their fresh and modern colourways combined with their sustainable values make for stylish, feel-good shopping. Now stocked internationally, it is worth visiting their shop and studio in Leith to feel all of their different wool options in person.

INSIDER TIPTheir range has now expanded to include cheerful pet blankets, cozy socks, and charmingly curated gift boxes.


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WHERE: 7 Baker's Place

Another brand spinning contemporary style from Scotland’s famous wool, Kestin is the place to come for modern men’s knitwear. Founded by local Edinburgh lad Kestin Hare, and now stocked internationally, the focus here is on heritage-inspired fashion. They offer a full range of clothing, but the jumpers and cardigans are especially good–and could easily work as unisex pieces. With special attention paid to responsible–and often local–manufacturing, these are quality clothes made to last.


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Pascal & Co.

WHERE: 20 Albert Place

Whilst not explicitly selling Scottish goods, this delightful pocket of a vintage shop makes a beautiful case for the craft of mending. Many of the excellent vintage clothing and homeware pieces on offer have been lovingly hand-repaired by Asta, Pascal & Co.’s creative owner. This not only gives a second (sustainable!) life to so many quality items, it enables you to leave town with a one-off find to treasure. With a focus on natural fibers such as wool and cashmere and a beguiling European-meets-Wes-Anderson aesthetic, Pascal & Co. is the place to come for quality with character.

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The Fruitmarket Bookshop

WHERE: 45 Market Street

The shop at Edinburgh’s central contemporary gallery The Fruitmarket is ostensibly a bookshop–but it offers much more. Yes, as Scotland’s leading contemporary culture bookshop, it is the place to come for thoughtfully curated art books. But there are also artist’s editions, creative children’s books, and a rotating selection of gifts that have been carefully selected from makers, both local and international. Recent selections have included Glasgow-made chocolate and vegan soaps. All of the money made from the shop helps to support the free exhibitions put on by the gallery – so you can shop and support the arts at the same time.

INSIDER TIPWhile here, be sure to visit the free gallery space and refuel in their great café.


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WHERE: 22 Joppa Road

The least convenient of all the shops on this list, you will need to get the 26 bus down to Portobello, Edinburgh’s seaside neighborhood, in order to browse this award-winning artisanal wee shop. All of Dook’s sustainable, cold-pressed soaps are made by hand from traditional ingredients in the workshop here. Their inspired addition of Himalayan salt creates beautiful colors and textures in the sturdy bars; they are like little works of art. With distinctive, attractive packaging made from recycled materials, Dook offers a wonderful ma marriage of good, honest values and beautiful products–and they make lovely gifts.

INSIDER TIPIf you don’t manage to make it down to their home base, look out for their products  in nearly every stylish boutique in the city –  and beyond.