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Lisbon Travel Guide

The 14 Best Restaurants in Lisbon in 2024

And what to keep in mind when dining and tipping in Portugal.

Each year, Lisbon, Portugal welcomes millions of visitors, many searching for world-class food at affordable prices. That is precisely why Western Europe’s oldest capital is home to some of the best restaurants in Europe.

Portuguese influence produces vibrant, diverse, and monumental dining experiences. From the 1400s, when Portugal expanded its empire, a global impact on cuisine emerged, unfurling delectable flavors and revolutionary cooking techniques across Africa, Asia, South America, and the South Pacific.

Uncover unforgettable collaborations stemming from Portugal’s complex history, such as the Mozambican-inspired Piri-Piri chicken and the introduction of the Western tradition of batter-fried food, now celebrated in Japan as tempura. A fusion of French, Mediterranean, and Nordic influences further enriches Portuguese gastronomy.

Explore the ubiquitous presence of bacalhau, or codfish, in restaurants and homes—a national dish whose salted preservation technique originated from centuries-old trade with Norwegians.

For those with a sweet tooth, indulge in classic pastries like the renowned pastel de nata—a dense, buttery egg custard tart sprinkled with cinnamon or the chocolate-laden brigadeiro cake.

Join us on a gastronomic tour covering the 14 best restaurants in Lisbon, where tradition meets innovation and flavor in every bite.

Dining Etiquette in Portugal

The Portuguese always seem to have room for bread, even before a large meal. A gentle reminder for those unfamiliar with Portuguese restaurants: wait staff will bring bread, olives, cheese, and other spreads to your table. If you’re not interested, politely decline the offer. Otherwise, expect an additional charge on your bill.

Important Portuguese Words and Phrases to Master

Although the Portuguese (especially the youth and inner-city residents) speak English, Spanish, French, and other languages in Lisbon, Portugal, locals feel great pride when visitors exchange pleasantries in Portuguese. Here are 12 words and phrases to improve your dining experience and impress the locals.

Hello: O
Please: Por favor/ Faz favor
Thank you: Obrigada (female speaker), Obrigado (male speaker)
Drink(s): A(s) bebida(s)
The cup: O copo
The knife: A faca
The fork: O garfo
The menu: O menu
The bill: A conta
I have a reservation under the name…: Tenho uma reserva em nome de…
A table for…: Uma mesa por
It was delicious.: Estava delicioso.

Take Advantage of Daily Specials

For those desiring a taste of Portugal during the day, the menu of the day, or menu do dia, provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy a multicourse meal at a fair price. These menus are usually offered at tascas (traditional restaurants) for under €15 and include a starter and main dish. Some menus also include a dessert and coffee or tea or a glass of wine with your meal.

Reserve Your Table

Due to a consistent influx of tourism, it’s safe to admit that restaurants would prefer you make a reservation. Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal, tend to be cozy and intimate and may not have the space to accommodate large groups on short notice. If there is a restaurant you’re eager to experience, call, DM, or book ahead of time.

Tipping Culture in Portugal

Tipping is appreciated, especially if you’ve received stellar service. Although not compulsory or expected, as a general rule of thumb, patrons can express their gratitude with a 10% tip. Cash is still king in Portugal, so put those coins you won’t be able to exchange to good use by supporting local businesses.

Speaking of cash, some local establishments refrain from accepting foreign debit and credit cards. Save yourself the hassle and carry cash to experience even more delectable goodness like the delicious bread, sandwiches, and pastries Portugal is known for. Another fact to be mindful of (especially for Americans) is that the idea of service-based employment deviates from what we have come to expect. Here, waitstaff tends to refrain from rushing patrons through their meals and may only check on you once or twice.

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Tasca Baldracca

WHERE: Mouraria — R. das Farinhas 1, 1100-177 Lisboa

Led by Chef Hugo Candeias, this fusion hotspot is worth the wait. The unassuming and cozy restaurant radiates high energy, featuring a creative menu that marries Portuguese classics with new-age techniques and fun presentations. The dishes are best when shared, which will delight food lovers. With freshness taking priority, the seasonal menu will be a treat no matter the time of the year.

Must-try dishes: cuttlefish + moqueca, mushroom croquettes (vegan), and steak tartare with anchovy aioli and crispy puff pastry. For a twist, try a slice of “Not a Cheesecake” for a creamy, savory, and inspiring dessert with a hint of sweetness.

Price range: €€

Contact: @tascabaldracca

Should I book? Walk-in only — be prepared for long wait times.

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Antiga Camponesa

WHERE: Bica — R. Mal. Saldanha 25, 1200-259 Lisboa

Opened by André Magalhães, Antiga Camponesa takes subtle yet thoughtful steps to create an innovative and memorable menu, reimagining Portuguese classics. The casual and warmly decorated setting cultivates an experience reminiscent of dining in the most inviting Portuguese home. Diners will also be impressed by the restaurant’s wine selection, including Henri Dosnon’s Original, a brilliant and well-balanced champagne.

Must-try dishes: Antiga Camponesa offers a carefully curated and affordable prix-fixe menu. It’s the perfect opportunity to try a bit of almost everything—especially with a regularly updated menu.

Price range: €€

Contact: @antiga.camponesa

Should I book? Bookings are preferred, but walk-ins are also accepted.


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Da Noi

WHERE: Madragoa — R. Machadinho 44, 1200-761 Lisboa

The sultry and intimate setting complements a mouth-watering, Mediterranean-inspired menu featuring carefully curated seafood, meat, and vegetarian options. Da Noi’s knowledgeable and dedicated staff work together like a well-oiled machine to create a memorable experience for food lovers, whether it’s date night or a night out with friends.

Must-try dishes: homemade focaccia and tapenade, roasted chicken in a lemon, honey, and lime sauce, truffle gnocchi, cacio e pepe white beans, and the lentil and eggplant-based Moussaka.

Price range: €€

Contact: @danoi.lisboa

Should I book? Yes.

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WHERE: Belém — Pavilhão Poente, Av. Brasília, 1300-598 Lisboa

SUD Lisboa is more than a restaurant; it’s an alluring experience. Indulge in delectable, decadent, and highly aesthetic meals as the resident lounge singer serenades you. Saunter up to the rooftop bar for a round of cocktails as you gaze past the infinity pool before settling on the moonlit Tejo River. Every inch of this trendy establishment is picture-worthy, with a dedicated staff to ensure your evening is memorable. Just remember to save room for dessert. The Sunday Oyster and Champagne Lounge is also a welcome treat for seafood and bubbly lovers.

Must-try dishes: Oxtail ragu, mushroom risotto, and Turbot and squid served over black rice

Price range: €€

Contact: @sudlisboa

Should I book? Yes.

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Sofia’s Place

WHERE: São Bento — R. de São Bento 67, 1200-816 Lisboa

Sofia’s Place aims to introduce elevated versions of classic cuisine from the African Diaspora. Cape Verdean owner Ana Sofia da Cunha Lopes’ naturally hospitable nature — and eagerness to explore and share Afro-centric traditions and recipes—fosters an intimate yet collaborative dining experience whether you’re dining solo, on a date, or enjoying a meal with friends and family. It is a truly memorable experience; guests travel from around the world to have their experiences immortalized in front of Sofia’s spectacular indoor mural.

Must-try dishes: Gambian Jollof, Angolan Mufete, and Senegalese Yassa. Other dishes to try: the Cape Verdean pastéis de milho com atum (fragrant cornmeal fritters filled with tuna)

Price range: €€


Should I book? Bookings are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted.

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Oliveira’s Restaurante Moçambicano

WHERE: São Sebastião — R. Dr. António Cândido 15, 1050-075 Lisboa

Oliveira’s Mozambican Restaurant is a culinary haven where flavors dance on your palate. Imagine savoring succulent seafood and chicken curry dishes with their spicy charm, leaving an indelible mark. The aroma of coconut-infused prawns transports you to the Mozambican coastline, a symphony of spices awakening your senses. Armed with an impeccable blend of spices, the chef’s mastery in creating bold and comforting dishes extends the experience beyond the plate. On special nights, the rhythmic beats of Kizomba invite diners to turn the restaurant into a lively dance floor.

Must-try dishes: samosas, chicken curry with coconut rice, crab curry, and their fiery piri-piri

Price range: €€

Contact: @oliveirasrestmocambicano

Should I book? Bookings are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted.

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Lumi Rooftop Bar @Lumiares Hotel

WHERE: Graça — Rua Voz do Operário 60 Graca, Lisbon 1100-621

Perched atop the stunning Lumiares Hotel, Lumi Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is a gem that elevates brunch to new heights. Picture yourself surrounded by an unparalleled view of Lisbon as you indulge in an exquisite gastronomic experience. The menu, a symphony of contemporary European flavors, unveils a fusion of innovation and tradition. The rooftop ambiance, with its chic decor and ambient lighting, adds a touch of glamor from morning to evening.

Must-try dishes: oxtail croquettes, Bacalhau à Brás, and octopus tempura

Price range: €€

Contact: @lumi_rooftop

Should I book? Yes, bookings are strongly recommended.

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Java Rooftop

WHERE: Cais do Sodré — Praça Dom Luís I 30, 1200-275 Lisboa

At Java Rooftop, picture a feast of vibrant flavors, where each dish tells a tale of Portugal’s gastronomic mastery. The menu, a poetic narrative of seafood and succulent meats embracing local spices, invites an Epicurious journey. As the sun sets, the panoramic view of Lisbon unfolds, a breathtaking backdrop to an evening where the joy of dining becomes a celebration of flavors and moments suspended in time. Dance the night away as you sip craft beer or cocktails while overlooking the red, shingled rooftops Lisbon is adored for.

Must-try dishes: grilled octopus with polenta, miso glazed pork ribs, and the sweet corn elote

Price range: €€

Contact: @java_lisboa

Should I book? Yes, but walk-ins are accepted.

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Gunpowder Lisboa

WHERE: Blue Street — Av. Duque de Ávila 42B, 1050-053 Lisboa

Craving an explosion of spice and sophistication in Lisbon? Forget your average curry house – Gunpowder has stormed Chiado like a Mughal conquistador, wielding a menu that rewrites Lisbon’s definition of Indian cuisine. London’s award-winning culinary maverick, Harneet Baweja, throws tradition out the window, conjuring up vibrant, unexpected plates like the spicy lamb and vermicelli donut and tuna croquettes spiked with chive moilee. For the best experience, dishes are best enjoyed in tapas style.

Must-try dishes: Goan-style spicy squid, Nagaran crispy tamarind pork, Konkani garlicky fried sea bass, and the chickpea pulao

Price range: €€€

Contact: @gunpowder_lisboa

Should I book? Bookings are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted.

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WHERE: Cais do Sodré — Rua de São Filipe Neri 14 – 1250-227 Lisboa

Chef João Ricardo Alves, a globetrotting culinary alchemist, weaves magic with local, seasonal ingredients at Arkhe. Think umami-laced broths kissed by French technique, vibrant Asian accents, and textures that’ll make your taste buds tango. Michelin-starred, Bib Gourmand-blessed, 50 Best Discovery-approved – Arkhe isn’t just vegetarian. It’s a portal to culinary nirvana, one perfectly seasoned bite at a time.

Must-try dishes: Topinambour served with vermouth zabaione, aged cheddar cheese, cured egg yolk, and roasted pineapple over charcoal, coconut, Szechuan ice cream

Price range: €€€

Contact: @arkherestaurante

Should I book? Yes.

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WHERE: Cais do Sodré — Rua da Boavista 112, 1200-262 Lisboa

Tricky’s disguises fine dining within a two-story, bustling warehouse-style restaurant. Whether nestled in the cozy living room-esque mezzanine or seated at the bar, the open kitchen allows diners to watch as chefs craft colorful and uncanny culinary pairings that tantalize the palate.

Must-try dishes: grilled beef tongue with fermented black bean jam, octopus with miso, cauliflower purée, and Tuscan kale

Price range: €€€

Contact: @cometotrickys

Should I book? Yes.

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WHERE: Bairro Alto — R. da Rosa 317, 1200-381 Lisboa

With refreshing greenery threaded throughout the highly textured art deco dining room, Rosamar’s whimsical and earthy setting energizes the senses. What makes this sustainable and seafood-focused establishment inviting is its charismatic staff, attention to detail, and plates featuring fantastic flavors such as the Hamachi ceviche.

Must-try dishes: swordfish quesabirria, freshly shucked oysters

Price range: €€€

Contact: @rosamar_lisboa

Should I book? Yes, but walk-ins are welcome. Beat the evening rush by grabbing a table upon opening.

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Sea Me

WHERE: Chiado — Rua do Loreto 21, 1200-086 Lisboa

Sea Me Lisboa is celebrated for its innovative seafood dishes and cool aesthetic that fuses traditional Portuguese and Japanese flavors and contemporary flair to produce a culinary trifecta: fishmonger and beer hall meets Japanese restaurant. Sea Me also graces a stall in the coveted Time Out Market.

Must-try dishes: grilled octopus with sweet potato purée, seafood rice with lobster, signature Sea Me sushi platter

Price range: €€€

Contact: @seame.peixariamoderna

Should I book? Yes, but walk-ins are welcome. Beat the evening rush by grabbing a table upon opening.

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Senhor Uva

WHERE: Campo de Ourique — R. de Santo Amaro 66A, 1200-804 Lisboa

Nestled in one of the best neighborhoods in Lisbon, Portugal, the botanic Senhor Uva consistently churns out masterful collaborations by Chef Stephanie Audet and Sommelier Marc Singh Davidson. The sustainable ethos shines through, amplifying the flavors of their vegetarian and vegan creations and redefining culinary excellence. Wine connoisseurs and novices can revel in the extensive array of natural (local and international) wines (courtesy of Senhor Uva’s impressive wine bar/shop), elevating the dining experience to new heights. It’s genuinely one of Lisbon’s best-kept secrets.

Must-try dishes: Jackfruit ceviche, beetroot stracciatella with acorn crumble and lentils, grilled portabella mushrooms with bok choi, peanuts, soy, and coconut

Price range: €€

Contact: @senhor.uva

Should I book? Yes, but walk-ins are welcome. For a special treat, book the private cellar table.

ambernishikawa5489 February 15, 2024

Please fix your spelling under "key words." Obrigada!

Just did 3 weeks in Portugal over New Years into the slow season of January. I would add to the key words, to say Obrigado/a when you LEAVE restaurants. Also "Tchau" (like Italian Ciao) = Goodbye. We work in the industry here in the US. We made good friends with many of these simple phrases, one has already booked tickets to stay with us this summer. Many speak English, but a reminder it is not their native tongue. Speak slowly, and when in doubt point to menu items!