25 Best Bars in Reykjavík, Iceland

Einstök Bar

Fodor's choice

Akureyri-based brewery Einstök has opened the brand's first tasting space in the capital city. The interiors are cozy and moody—large groups mingle with solo drinkers enjoying pints of Arctic Pale Ale and other seasonal brews. The outdoor seating is the best on Laugavegur and provides the ultimate people-watching perch.


Miðbær Fodor's choice

One of the city's most famous cafés and nightspots—thanks to its associations with local and international celebs, like Damon Albarn from Blur—Kaffibarinn is a relaxed café during the day but it gets hopping on nights and weekends, when DJs show up and play until the wee hours.

Kíkí Queer Bar

Miðbær Fodor's choice

Unofficially Iceland's best gay bar, Kiki Queer Bar is a spirited mix of locals and travelers on any given night. Located in the heart of Reykjavík's nightlife hub, you can dance until the wee hours here.

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Klaustur Bar

Miðbær Fodor's choice
At this elegant wine bar there are always crowds of people lounging on sumptuous upholstery, bathed in flattering lamplight. Located close to Alþingishús (Parliament House), not only is it the best place to mingle with the country's decision makers, it's also a place where you can sample a good deal of quality wine at reasonable prices (one serving amounts to a quarter bottle).

Lola Flórens

Fodor's choice

This space is part vintage shop and part cocktail bar and the interiors play the part. Romantic vibes surround each table, where display cases of crystals and curated vintage clothing set the scene.


Miðbær Fodor's choice

The line of people waiting to get in to this bar stretches around the block on weekends. And it's totally worth the wait: inside, you'll find some of the city's best DJs, as well as a ton of locals relaxing and mingling. Prikið is open during the day too, when the crowds are much smaller. The burger is a sleeper hit, so try and stop by for lunch if you can.

Skúli Craft Bar

Miðbær Fodor's choice

You can't go wrong with any of the craft beers on tap here. This bar is certainly a bit more refined than other beer-focused watering holes in Reykjavík, and prices reflect that. If you're on a budget, opt for smaller pours.


Miðbær Fodor's choice

This loud bar's open-floor plan can accommodate groups easily. The best seats are the pillow-topped benches along the window—they were practically made for people-watching. All of the cocktails are great here, but the classics are treated with special care; you can't go wrong with an Old-Fashioned.


Right below the Hard Rock Cafe, you'll find this lively nightclub making the most of its near-windowless basement location. According to the owners—Sindri Snær Jensson and Jón Davíð Davíðsson, the duo behind Flatey Pizza and Yuzu Burger—that's the point: to create a space where you'll lose all sense of time.



For a night of reckless glamour among a crowd of well-dressed and heavily perfumed party people, head to b5, a classy (at least before midnight) yet comfortable nightspot illuminated throughout with backlit rose-color panels.

Bankastræti 5, Reykjavík, IS-101, Iceland


The menu of gin and tonics here shouldn't be missed, as it truly showcases the variety of the classic cocktail. There are also seasonal drinks and thoughtful mocktails. While the bar is relaxed and cozy, this space also serves as a restaurant for guests of the Grandi Hotel.


This venue has hosted live music for as long as most locals can remember, welcoming those who wish to dance into the very late hours of the night.

Jungle Cocktail Bar

A green oasis right in the middle of town, the plant-filled space might make you think you're elsewhere, but you'll be brought right back to reality once you try one of the bar's inventive cocktails. Adventurous drinkers won't want to miss the Cereal Killer, which is made with Bacardi carta blanca, strawberries, cornflakes, oranges, and almonds.



This is your basic, no-frills bar serving up drinks and cakes beginning in the afternoon and hosting DJs into the early morning hours. It's located in the main shopping district, making it a great spot to grab a snack and libation in the late afternoon.

Laugavegur 2, Reykjavík, 101, Iceland


Located in one of the oldest houses in Reykjavik, Lemmy is far from just a bar: you can also order a hearty breakfast here. But this spot is at its best when the drinks are flowing and the picnic tables are filled with locals and visitors alike.

Luna Florens

Sister bar to the vintage shop and bar Lola Flórens and sister café to the Coocoo's Nest, Luna Florens serves up inventive cocktails and baked goods. More often than not, you'll find ingredients like turmeric and edible flowers mixed into your drinks.

Miami Bar

Take a trip back in time—specifically, Miami circa the 1980s. The color theme is pastel, the architecture skews brutalist, and the neon lights never stop. Plus, the cocktails hold their own, too.

Micro Bar


The best time to visit Micro Bar is between the hours of 3 and 7 pm, when the bar has two beers on special for happy hour. You'll find a solid selection of Icelandic beers and an inviting atmosphere that's perfect for making new local friends.

Laugarvegur 86, Reykjavík, 101, Iceland

Mikki Refur Coffee & Wine

During the day, Mikki Refur serves up coffee, but once the sun goes down (or happy hour hits), the wine list becomes the popular choice. There are also small bites to help pace your sips.

Pablo Discobar


Technically a nightclub, Pablo Discobar also serves food and some notable cocktails. Since the bar is open until 5 am on Friday and Saturday, you'll often find people making this their last stop after a night on the town. There is a bit of a dress code on weekends (think stylish over formal). You can also catch some great drag shows here, if you're lucky.

Petersen Svítan


If you don't feel like heading to the top of Hallgrímskirkja to take in 360-degree views of Reykjavík, check out Petersen Svítan. This rooftop lounge is on the third floor of Gamla Bíó, a historic cinema. In a previous life, the bar was the cinema owner's apartment; today, it's an open-air bar with a bi-level terrace.


Head right this way for the happy hour, which runs from 4 to 7 pm every day. The intimate space often holds exhibit, live music, and DJ sets, so chances are you'll stick around once happy hour ends.

The Dubliner

As one of the few bars in Reykjavík with more TVs than you can count on one hand, the Dubliner is often busiest during televised matches and games. For a pleasant surprise, ask the bartender to make you something special.
Tryggvagata 22, Reykjavík, 101, Iceland

The Lebowski Bar


Admittedly a tourist attraction, this bar and restaurant is themed after—you guessed it—the Coen Brothers' cult classic The Big Lebowski, and has an entire menu dedicated to White Russians. The decor is full of references: the bar is lined with rugs, the barstools look like bowling shoes, and "the Dude" himself can be found on the cocktail napkins. The neon sign out front provides quite the photo op.

Tölt Cocktail Bar

Located in a cozy nook of the Reykjavik EDITION Hotel, Tölt Cocktail Bar is named after a special gait only used by Icelandic horses. Cocktails are the way to go: the Dark Horse makes a great nightcap with its combination of cognac, pomegranate, chai vermouth, lime, and bitters.