Paros and Antiparos

In the classical age, the great sculptor Praxiteles prized the incomparably snowy marble that came from the quarries at Paros; his chief rival was the Parian Scopas. Between them they developed the first true female nude, and gentle voluptuousness seems a good description of this historic island. Today, Paros is favored by people for its cafés by the sea, golden sandy beaches, and charming fishing villages. The island is large enough to accommodate the traveler in search of peace and quiet, yet the lovely port towns of Paroikía (Paros Town), the capital, and Naousa also have an active nightlife. Paros is a focal point of the Cyclades ferry network, and many people stay here for a night or two while waiting for a connection. Paros Town has a good share of bars and discos, though Naousa has a chicer island atmosphere. Moreover, none of the islands has a richer cultural life, with concerts, exhibitions, and readings, than Paros.

Paros is an island favorite among Greeks and visitors alike. The overflow of tourists is such that it has now washed up on Paros's sister, Antiparos: this island "forgetaway" still has an off-the-beaten-track vibe, even though the rich and famous—Tom Hanks is most prominent of them—have discovered it.

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