Quaint fishing village no longer, Naousa (also Niaoussa) long ago discovered the benefits of tourism, and its outskirts are mushrooming with villas and hotels that exploit it further. Thankfully, the pretty little harbor is still in use as a fishing port, and red and blue boats rub gently together as fishermen repair their nets. The taverna-filled waterfront is the big draw, charmingly backed by Venetian townhouses. Navies of the ancient Persians, flotillas from medieval Venice, and the imperial Russian fleet have anchored in this harbor. The half-submerged ruins of the Venetian fortifications still remain; they are a pretty sight when lit up at night. Compared to Paros Town, the scene in Naousa is somewhat chicer, with a more intimate array of shops, bars, and restaurants, but although the nightlife is on a par with Paroikia, many people are here for the local beaches.

In 1537 legendary corsair Barbarossa kidnapped the womenfolk of Naousa and the locals engaged in a naval battle to ensure their return. Nowadays, on August 23rd, every year the Festival of the Pirates is enthusiastically celebrated with a re-enactment of the fighting followed by a firework display.

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