When to Go

Southern Dalmatia works for half the year and sleeps for the other as much of the region shuts down through the winter. Dubrovnik is the exception; sightseeing is just as important as swimming here, so even in winter you will find many restaurants and attractions still open, plus serious deals on accommodations and a chance to tune into the local way of life.

But the best times to visit the region are the shoulder seasons: May through June and September through October. The days are still warm enough to swim but not too hot for sightseeing, there are many festivals to enjoy, less crowds, and the locals are more relaxed.

July and August is when everything happens at full speed; the prices are high, the hotels fully booked, the harbors are full of boats, and the small streets full of people. The pay-off of a summer visit is that you're guaranteed hot, sunny weather and plenty of entertainment. If you plan to visit during this period, make sure to book accommodations well in advance and make dinner reservations a day or two ahead.

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