Rincon and the Porta del Sol Travel Guide
  • Plan Your Rincon and the Porta del Sol Vacation

Plan Your Rincon and the Porta del Sol Vacation

The "Gateway to the Sun" is how tourism officials describe the island's western coast. Unlike the area around San Juan, the Porta del Sol is relatively undiscovered. Even around Rincón, which has the lion's share of the lodgings, the beaches are delightfully deserted. And in places like Aguadilla and Isabela, two sleepy towns on the northwestern corner of the island, it's easy to find a stretch of shoreline all to yourself.

Adventurers since the time of Christopher Columbus have been drawn to the jagged coastline of northwestern Puerto Rico. Columbus made his first stop here on his second voyage to the Americas in 1493. His exact landing point is the subject of ongoing dispute: both Aguadilla, on the northernmost tip of the coast, and Aguada, just south of Aguadilla, claim the historic landing, and both have monuments honoring the explorer.

Less than a century ago western Puerto Rico was still overwhelmingly rural. Some large fruit plantations dotted the coast, while farther inland coffee was grown on hillside fincas (farms). The slow pace of rural life began to change during the mid-20th century. New roads brought development to the once-isolated towns. They also brought international surfers, who were amazed to find some of the world's best waves in Rincón, Isabela, and Aguadilla. Now there are top-notch hotels, interesting natural areas to explore, and almost every kind of water sport imaginable.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Visit El Combate Hike to the lighthouse at this peninsula, which juts out into the Caribbean Sea.
  2. Pamper yourself at the Horned Dorset Primavera Relax in your private plunge pool at perhaps the most romantic villa in the Caribbean.
  3. Please your palate at the "Golden Mile" Sample fresh seafood at any of the oceanfront eateries in Joyuda.
  4. Catch a wave at Playa Tres Palmas Challenge the waves here or at any of Rincón's world-famous surfing spots.
  5. Explore Desecheo Island or Mona Island Enjoy snorkeling, diving, or fishing around these spectacular islands.

When To Go

When to Go

Winter weather is the best, and it's the height of the surfing season, so you'll need to book well in advance. Between December and March you...

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