2 Best Bars in Luxor and the Nile Valley, Egypt

Kings Head Pub and Restaurant

Khaled Ibn El Waleed

The logo—the face of the "heretic" pharaoh, Akhenaten, dressed in the regalia of a historic British king—gives an indication of the cultural meld at this quirky pub, across from the Lotus Hotel and up two flights of stairs. The easygoing atmosphere is conducive to a social game of pool, enjoying a couple drinks with new friends, or just admiring the eclectic decor, which includes coasters from around the world, mosque lamps, and plenty of English flags. A small blackboard announces the cocktail of the week (Sex in a Felucca, for instance). 

Royal Bar


If sipping a classy cocktail in the elegant bar of a grand old hotel is your thing, you'll love this spot. The half-wall of bookshelves is a nod to the space's previous use as a library, and its decor of rich red walls, damask fabrics, and mahogany woodwork lends it a sophisticated air. A musician plays classical piano music every evening.