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There’s A Man Who Knits Every Place He Visits


When Sam Barsky has a destination in mind, he gets out his knitting needles. The Golden Gate Bridge, Stonehenge, a local alpaca farm: Barsky has made pictorial sweaters of them all. Once he’s finished, he packs his bags, puts on the sweater and takes a photo next to the real thing. The results are glorious and they’re making him internet famous.




So far Barsky has made close to 100 sweaters, and he has plans to do many more. “I wish I could recreate every place I’ve been to in yarn. Anything that catches my eye is a potential sweater.”


Update: Could Barsky Originals be the souvenir tees of the future?

Belize is on board. They’ve offered him a free trip to one of their top tourist destinations — if he’ll do them the honor of knitting one of his handmade sweaters.

sweater belize

To check out more of Sam Barsky’s fantastic sweaters, check out his Facebook page

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