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What to Buy Your Travel Mom This Mother’s Day

A last-minute trip might not be in the books, so look towards these last-minute buys.

Here’s your reminder, Mother’s Day is approaching and, as much as our maternal figures claim they “don’t need a gift,” they want one. On May 9, don’t show up to family dinner empty-handed.

If the mother in your life also happens to be a traveler, you can stop your frantic searches and texts to Dad that “I don’t know what Mom wants either,” because we do. We’ve found gifts for every type of traveler. So, whether your mom is into sunset yoga or beach lounging, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something for her here.

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For the Sustainably Minded Mom

Anyone who travels knows the importance of quality luggage and, for the sustainably-minded mom, finding luggage that lasts is essential (because there’s nothing environmentally friendly about having to get a new suitcase each year). LOJEL is a luggage company that understands sustainability (and the hell we put our bags through). Remember when a wheel broke and you had to just toss your favorite suitcase and start over? Well, you can forget that, because LOJEL’s whole concept is to repair rather than replace. Their system of “modular, standardized parts that allow bag owners to repair their own luggage quickly and easily” means (ideally) one luggage for life. One of their most popular designs, the Cubo, comes in four sizes and seven colors.

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For the Mom Who Can’t Just *Be*

We all know a mom who craves a plan. This is the one who, even when the trip is set to be a relaxing beach getaway, surprises you with a day of hiking or a bright and early morning tennis session. She’s an active mom, a busy body, a go-go-goer—and she deserves an outfit to match that. For your mover of a mom, consider Outdoor Voice’s newly launched Athena Dress. The style is cute enough to wear out while the lightweight fabric and compression make it perfect for someone who, last minute, decides that what the day really needs is a little bit of activity.

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For the Yogi Mom

Oh, so you’ve got a cool mom? The type that’s all “let’s go with the flow” and “Oh honey, why be stressed when you can shavasana?” Because they tend to spend each vacation wishing everyone else could match their chill energy, gift them a solo trip where their free-spirited attitude is not just what’s welcomed, but recommended. The Esalen Institute in Big Sur is situated on 120 acres of land, which includes hot mineral springs, perfect for doing what they do best, relaxing. The institute offers workshops on meditation, mindfulness, and yoga (to name a few). But if Big Sur is maybe too big of an expense, check your local listings (and always Groupon) to see what yoga retreats can be found closer to home. And if all else fails, there’s no shame in a cute yoga mat–the New York Times named this mat the best for travel.

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For the Mom Who Takes a Million Pictures

Not a trip goes by that she doesn’t document. She loves her camera, she loves her family, she loves the memory (okay?! So smile for that selfie she demands!). The only problem is that printing out all 300 photos she takes isn’t exactly cost-effective, environmentally friendly, or practical. To help you figure out what to do with the photos, get her a digital photo frame that rotates through her favorite memories. The Dragon Touch Classic offers it all: not too techy, has a port for a USB or SD card, and even tells the date, time, and weather on the home screen.

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For the Mom Whose Home Always Smells Good

She’s a candle person, and everywhere she travels she finds a new scent to bring home. After a year of locking it down at home, not only is she missing her vacations but she’s missing her new scent experiences. Luckily, there’s a candle company with this specific dilemma in mind. Homesick candles are candles that smell like different locations and memories—from cities like NYC and Austin to more general (but adored) vacations like your time at a beach cottage. It’s perfect for a mom whose nostalgia is best tapped through scent.

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For the Mom Whose Favorite Movie Is "Eat Pray Love"

She might not be ready to pick up and peace out Julia Roberts style, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t plan a quick little vacation to Indonesia right after she left the theater. If this is the movie that sparked the travel flame in her, gift her the “eat.” An online cooking course is a wonderful way to experience the world without leaving home—because, at the moment, it’s kind of hard. Let her have her main-character moment as she joins Massimo Bottura for a MasterClass on modern Italian cooking. Alternatively, you could look for in-person cooking classes in your area (if that’s something she’s comfortable with).

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For the Mom Whose Carry-on Is Entirely Skincare

While Glossier might be a makeup brand associated with millennial’s low-maintenance looks, their newest product, The Beauty Bag, appeals to anyone with a counter’s worth of products that need a spot to reside. For the mom whose ability to do her in-depth skincare routine anywhere is of the utmost importance to her, a well-designed travel bag for those very products is exactly what she needs. The Beauty Bag “holds a full-size cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and eye cream, with plenty of space left over for makeup or anything else,” and the plethora of pockets and pouches mean your mom can organize just so. This bag is sold alone or as a set with three of their fan-favorite products–Lash Slick, Boy Brow, and Cloud Paint—in case you’re mom is in the market for an easy, on-the-go makeup routine.

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For the Mom Far From the Ocean

She loves the beach: the saltwater, the breeze, and, most importantly, the food. While your landlocked location might not have the world’s best seafood–don’t you dare consider Long John Silvers this Mother’s Day–Maine does. This state is home to fresh lobster rolls and fried oysters so good they will forever ruin other fried seafood for you. And, luckily, they’re shipping their very finest to you and me this Mother’s Day. With Maine Seafood’s Mother’s Day Seafood Kit, you can present your mom with a box of her favorite ocean delicacies.