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Wales Is the Best Place in the World for an Instagram Getaway

Virtually any photo taken here needs no filter.

Yes, it might be difficult to acknowledge, but social media is becoming more and more of a resource for choosing a vacation. Literally, a study published by the University of Georgia in 2017 found that likes on an Instagram post genuinely affected how people choose their getaways.  We might as well lean into it, especially if it leads us to book trips to places like Wales–a picturesque land if I’ve ever seen one. Here are 12 places in Wales you can (and should) share that will make your Instagram followers say, “I need these vistas in my life.” 

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WHERE: Swansea

Whether you’ve come for a picnic or a hike along the cliffs with your pup, Rhossili Bay Beach is really something special. The area—which was designated by the government as the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty—can be reached from the village of Rhossili, which is located in Swansea’s Gower Peninsula. It has a path that’s ideal for walkers (I personally wouldn’t run along a cliffside) and the farther you stroll, the more you realize just how massive the area is. With a coastline that stretches for three miles, Rhossili Bay truly has to be seen to be believed. It’s the perfect place to quiet a busy mind—and take a beautiful picture. But, please remember to look up from your phone every once in a while so that you don’t walk off the edge.  

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WHERE: Cardigan

If you’ve never “glamped” before, boy have we got a spot for you. Fforest’s campground, located in the forests of Cilgerran, Cardigan, is thoughtfully-constructed, chicly-designed, and lovingly cared for. Though accommodation types include tents, lofts, and a farmhouse, try to sleep in one of the domes–the wood floor, rustic furnishings, bay windows, and wood-burning stove combine to deliver a truly magical camping experience. A good night’s rest (especially one in nature) will change your outlook on life and give your eyes the strength they need to take in the beauty on your hike through the campground’s adjacent wildlife reserve the next day. I really can’t begin to tell you how many pictures I took here during my stay.

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Coasteering is a water sport where partakers navigate rocky coastlines—which Wales has no shortage of—and periodically jump and dive into the sea (in wetsuits). The photogenic Pembrokeshire is widely recognized as the UK’s ideal coasteering destination and for good reason—its coast is steep and, well, rocky. You may not be able to bring your phone or  camera with you on this excursion, but perhaps your guide can send you something to upload at a later time. Maybe a video of you screaming as you jump “pencil-style” from a scary height into very cold water? It’s a breathless, Adventure (yes, capital “A”) that isn’t for the uncoordinated, to be honest. But if you are down, it’s so, so worth it.    

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WHERE: St. David's

This serene hotel on the Pembrokeshire coast is set on 15 untouched acres and, given its romantic location, seems comparable to something found in Italy or Greece. Don’t take it from me–you should take an Instagram poll to find the popular opinion. The relatively small establishment has 12 bedrooms facing the sea and 10 bedrooms facing the countryside, so booking a room with a sweeping view shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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Caldey Island

WHERE: Tenby

Complete with a lighthouse, a variety of churches, and a chocolate factory, this British island offers spectacular scenery aplenty. The Island has fewer than 50 residents, but it’s a hotspot for tourists looking for a slice of Welsh history. This history actually includes the residents — a group of monks called the “Cistercian monks of Caldey” who moved into the islands’ centuries-old Abbey in 1929. Also, keep an eye out for the island’s striking wildlife, which includes puffins and red squirrels.  

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WHERE: Tenby

No, but seriously, this 20-minute trip to get to the Island from Tenby Harbour is prime Instagram Story material. The boat’s speed is not so fast that you’re unable to hold your phone steadily, but you certainly aren’t crawling. Capture the moment! Show your followers how adventurous you are as the waves of Priory Bay splash by you! The ride is open from May-September and is closed on Sundays. You can pick up tickets at a kiosk in Tenby Harbour and rides place every 20-30 minutes.

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WHERE: Cardigan

OK, so your chances of seeing whales (in Wales!) might be slim; you’re more likely to see a school of bottlenose dolphins who live permanently in the Bay. Still, the ride around the islands—complete with information provided by the captain about the region’s interesting rare natural wildlife—is pretty impressive. Think about being nestled in a tiny boat staring up at the face of a colossal, 2,000-year-old cliff and tell me that isn’t a heck of a photo opportunity.


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A Coastal Walk, Starting From the Town of Llangrannog

This coastal village with a population of 775 people was established in the 6th century and it’s so insanely charming that it belongs in a Nancy Meyers movie. And for all the #foodies out there, the town has several cute eateries, like the family-run, fish-and-chip shop, The Beachhut. The walk itself begins with a cliffside path that overlooks the village; it’s just another breathtaking taste of the Welsh coast and you can never say “no” to one of those views.

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WHERE: Cardigan

This bespoke little gin distillery lets you make your own alcohol. That’s right, you can literally concoct your gin (from the blending of spices to the labeling of the bottle)  your way–an excellent activity that’s absolutely begging to be recorded as an Instagram Story. It also happens to be extremely charming thanks to the owners. Plus, the quaintly chic interior and gorgeous backyard have recently become a space for weddings. What more could you ask for? What’s that? A cute room to spend the night in after you’ve explored the town nearby? They’ve got two!

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Melin Tregwynt

Want to hear something surprising? Watching wool being produced at Melin Tregwynt, a family-owned wool mill, is very impressive. Especially if you think about the history behind the wool-making and the mill’s goal of keeping the Welsh weaving alive. The site has been running since the 1819 and, once you see the workers perform their magic, you can hop on over to the store and see their finished products.

INSIDER TIPBoomerangs. Turns out, the machines in woolen mills are especially mesmerizing when they’re put on a loop in your Instagram Story.



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WHERE: Cardiff

Yes, this castle is home to an actual cardigan sweater. It’s also a castle, so of course it’s Instagram material. Aside from the cardigan, there are a variety of personal effects on display in the interior that were worn by or belonged to the castle’s inhabitants over the years, including several striking crowns and the Eisteddfod chair from the likes of residents King Edward I (who resided there in 1295) and Gilbert Fitz Richard (a 12th-century baron). Oh, and The cardigan itself features a layout of the town sewn into the back of it. A cardigan with a town on it. Please capture that.

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WHERE: Cardiff

This activity is basically a simulated surf machine. At first, it’s intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, exhilaration takes hold and it becomes insanely fun. If you want a chance to show your followers that you’re fearless, but you aren’t quite committed to the intensity-level of coasteering, this is a solid option–they don’t have to know the environment is controlled.

You really won’t need to put a lot of thought into captions, angles, filters, and hashtags, because the photos/videos will speak for themselves. OK, wait, maybe put a little thought into the captions.


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