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14 Travel Apps Savvy Travelers Need to Download Right Now

When it comes to travel, there’s an app for that.

Today’s road warriors have an ever-increasing array of tools at their disposal to make travel easier, more fun—and most importantly, money-saving. Here are some of the recent additions to travelers’ arsenal that captured our attention.

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For frequent travelers, membership travel planning company Origin may be just what you’re looking for. A $3,000 annual membership fee gets you unlimited trip planning, 24/7 support, and benefits like being assigned a personal curator, depending on your destination, to help customize your trip. You’ll get perks like room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, and unexpected surprises like a pop-up picnic lunch in a scenic locale. Origin taps travel experts and combine their trip curation expertise with machine learning, all in one app.

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Travel planning company Essentialist works with 150 international editors and 200 local insiders to create highlight personalized itineraries surrounding members’ interests and needs. Essentialist’s proprietary database of unique experiences, hotels, restaurants, and activities come together to make personalized itineraries. AI matchmaking technology allows Essentialist to match members with itinerary elements ideal given their interests and preferences, sorting through thousands of options to connect members with the ones that best fit them. Members can access their digital itineraries and travel inspiration through their smartphones or other devices for easy access and real-time updates while traveling.

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Are you set on sticking to your budget? Check out Elude, a budget-first search engine that makes it possible for you to discover and book flights and accommodations leaving from the nearest airport on a specific date within your desired price range. You get trip packages and itineraries that are within your budget. Another plus, users can leverage their credit card miles directly on the app.

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App in the Air

With the ever-changing requirements around COVID, travelers will appreciate guidance navigating what’s necessary when it comes to testing and vaccinations. App in the Air’s digital health passport aims to take the drama out of the process. You can upload and scan PCR tests and vaccine cards digitally ahead of your trip, get real-time alerts if you need to upload a test for your specific destination, and access to a personal QR code, similar to the app’s boarding feature, where the digital passport will easily scan for travel requirement approvals in the airport and assistance finding and booking lab appointments. You can do good too. When you upload your proof of COVID vaccination, App in the Air donates an additional vaccine to a country with lower access to vaccinations.


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Vive Guide

Carlita Kelly is getting personal. Through her Vive Guide, a social media app for finding things to do, targeted to millennials and Gen Z to help them discover, plan, organize, and become customers of the best places to eat, see, stay and play in any city. While you’re still encouraged to visit iconic landmarks, the Vive Guide strives to go to the next level and connect people with operators and businesses that upgrade the experience to align more with their interests. For example, a vegan, luxury traveler, looking for LGBTQ+ safe spaces, will find recommendations from like-minded users. Black travelers looking for a green book of safe spaces in America’s deep south won’t need to look hard for a travel guide of business owners who look like them.

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The goal of the Gowhee app is to simplify travel for families, ideally making it unnecessary to spend countless hours searching online and creating their own itineraries. The platform brings together more than 30 custom filters, like crib onsite and changing tables. For families with special needs, there is even a filter for “sensory sensitive” amenities. Members can search by specific locations or browse on the interactive world map. Each place is added by parent users who leave their reviews and most have personal photos to go along with what they share. The yearly subscription is $29.99 but the app can be a bargain as it negotiates exclusive member “deals” without blackout dates or fine print.

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Road trips continue to be popular as people want to travel in their own space. Up the fun factor with Autio. It lets you explore the culture, history, and interesting facts about a place while you’re driving through it. The app uses your location and preferences and plays audio while you’re passing along your route. Expect to hear answers to questions you might have, like what’s the name of that gorgeous mountain peak? The app is free for the first five stories, and then you have a month, one-year, and three-year subscription plans available.

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Increasingly folks are traveling with intention. Blistey makes it easier to do just that. If you want to connect to BIPOC businesses while you travel, Blistey helps BIPOC travelers and their allies find businesses abroad or in their city so they can spend their dollars mindfully. So far, the app has more than 2,400 businesses located in 24 cities globally. Blistey puts diversity at your fingertips.

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VIP Traveler

Membership has its privileges. Online travel agency VIP Traveler has personalization technology, that combined with the knowledge of an expert Stylist team, pairs members with relevant offers they might not otherwise find and that come with VIP benefits they can’t get on their own. As a member expect goodies like Travel Finds (once a week), sent via email, that have hyper-personalized trip opportunities based on your preferences. Then there’s VIP Exclusives (once a month), sent via email, exclusive offers with unique VIP benefits available to all members. While membership is free, if you want a premium membership, it’s $495 a year and includes custom trip planning and 24/7 access to destination experts via call, text, or chat.

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Since COVID travel insurance has become more important. Faye is taking some of the stress out of the process with its digital, paperless travel insurance that you do everything via its app, be it getting your trip covered, filing claims, finding out COVID requirements at your destination, or chatting with the company’s team 24/7. With the app, you can create your itinerary and plug in your details like your flight information so Faye can track delays or changes and send proactive trip alerts to you, view weather forecasts at your destination, and see what your coverage protects, COVID requirements and more. The app is free.

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This is for outdoor enthusiasts who crave time on the trails. The app helps people find new routes, prepare for a hike/trail activity, and hit the trail safely with its built-in navigation tool.  Access hand-curated trail maps along with photos, reviews, and user recordings so they feel ready for the road. You can narrow your searches down to explore routes that are kid, dog, wheelchair, and stroller friendly. AllTrails has more than 300,000 trails around the world and an online global community of more than 35 million. The premium subscription for AllTrails Pro is $29.99 a year.

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This free app is a boon for bikers. JAGZ makes it easy for cyclists and mountain bikers to find group rides, hosts, professional guides, bike shops, shuttles, races, and bike events at home and around the world.  The good stuff starts with the  “MyTown” button on the home page. There, you can create or join group rides and events such as races, demo days, clinics, shuttle services, and post-ride soirees. Bike activities in one’s town are displayed on an interactive map that allows you to simply tap “Going” and the event is automatically synced to your calendar.

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Camping is downright cool these days as many have a newfound interest in the great outdoors, catching up to those who have long been campers. Sēkr has the nation’s largest database of free campsites. You can chat with other nearby campers via Sēkr’s social features and talk about the best local activities, or even make plans for a meetup. Sēkr collects crowdsourced reviews so you know exactly what to expect at each campsite. Another plus, interactive mapping features that make your adventure easier, safer, and more social.

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Learn from a local. Who knows better than someone who lives in the town you’re traipsing to? The GlobeTrott travel mobile app has audio tours in more than 42 cities in the U.S. and Europe. Locals share their stories. This summer GlobeTrott ups the game by offering personalized audio tours. You’ll state your interests and preferred start and end location, and an audio tour will be created just for you.

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