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Pickpockets Are Most Likely to Rob You at These 10 Tourist Attractions

The problem persists in European cities.

Tourists can become easy targets. Once you make an impression that you’re not a local, the prices inflate, and you’re suddenly paying more for taxis and products in shops. But it goes further than rip-offs, and one of the most common problems you’ll face, especially in crowded tourist places, is pickpocketing. 

According to a study by price comparison website, the top 10 places for pickpockets are all in Europe. The study analyzes TripAdvisor reviews for popular attractions as well as transport stations around the world. 

Europe dominates the list with the most pickpocket complaints overall and also takes the lead in the highest percent of pickpockets mentioned in the reviews. The only non-European destination is Colon Street in the Philippines, with 11.65% of reviews mentioning thievery.

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Las Ramblas

WHERE: Barcelona, Spain

The nearly mile-long boulevard (1.2 kilometers) of Las Ramblas is a tourist magnet. You’d be hard-pressed to find a local here—the street is a charming, albeit crowded, attraction with impressive statues and a 19th-century flower market. When you’re walking on the tree-lined streets and admiring its many sights, keep your bags and purses close. It’s number one on this list because 3,271 reviews mention petty theft. Especially during peak travel season, you’ll benefit from taking extra precautions.

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Eiffel Tower

WHERE: Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower has the second most reviews for pickpocketing. The study mentions that travelers should be careful while walking from the metro station to the Eiffel Tower. There are 2,569 reviews that mention pickpockets.

The U.S. Embassy in France also has a warning about pickpockets in Paris: “Americans in Paris should be particularly alert to thieves who commonly work near tourist attractions such as museums, monuments, restaurants, hotels, beaches, trains, train stations, airports, subways and target vehicles with non-local license plates.”

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Trevi Fountain

WHERE: Rome, Italy

Tossing a coin in the iconic 18th-century baroque fountain in Rome is considered lucky. But the popular spot is always overflowing with tourists, so it’s easy for thieves to go unnoticed. There are 2,206 reviews reporting experiences with pickpockets here. 

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Charles Bridge

WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic

The 15th-century bridge in Prague that connects the Old Town with the Lesser Quarter is lined with statues. On both sides of the River Vltava, the views are magnificent. But the bridge isn’t only crowded with tourists–nope, it’s full of artists and hawkers constantly hustling. So naturally, it’s also a hotspot for pickpockets. It ranks number four on this list with 1,081 mentions of pickpocketing on Tripadvisor.

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WHERE: Paris, France

The Sacred Heart Basilica sits above the city of Paris, so the panoramic views from here bring throngs of tourists to the spot. There’s a big difference between the first Parisian entry to the second on this list, though–the Basilica has earned its spot with 914 reviews about pickpockets (versus 2,569 mentions for the Eiffel Tower).

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WHERE: Rome, Italy

Rome is a time capsule with historic landmarks everywhere you go. It’s brimming with tourists all year round, and you’ll brush shoulders with many nationalities at the 2,000-year-old Colosseum. While living out your gladiator fantasies, you are in danger of losing your wallet. The amphitheater is sixth on this list, with 666 reviews mentioning pickpockets.

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Old Town Square

WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic

Pickpocket hotspot number two for Prague is the 12th-century Old Town Square with the Old Town Hall and the Baroque Church of St Nichola. It’s a busy spot with markets, artists, and concerts, and it’s always buzzing, affording many opportunities for thieves to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. It has 646 reviews that discuss this particular petty crime.

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The Louvre

WHERE: Paris, France

The Louvre in Paris has one of the most extensive collections in the world, and it attracts around 10 million visitors every year (according to pre-pandemic numbers). The museum is massive, and it’s impossible to cover everything in a day. No matter how many trips you make, remember to be cautious of petty crimes—598 reviews have mentioned pickpockets. 

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Notre-Dame de Paris

WHERE: Paris, France

Clearly, Paris is having a terrible time with pickpockets, but it’s stuck with this bad reputation for a reason. Notre Dame is the fourth Parisian attraction on this list, with 408 reviews. 

The cathedral is a fine example of gothic architecture and a popular landmark in the City of Light. When a fire in 2019 destroyed its roof and the spire collapsed, hearts shattered around the world looking at the visuals. It is currently closed (and is expected to reopen in 2024) as it rebuilds after massive support from its admirers.

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Sagrada Família

WHERE: Barcelona, Spain

The last in the top 10 is another famous Spanish attraction: the unfinished masterpiece, Sagrada Família in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí’s art nouveau church has been under construction for more than a century, and it’s one of the sights you don’t want to miss in Barcelona. However, beware of pickpockets here—there have been 407 reviewers who lost their belongings.

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Jeffinopks August 20, 2022

I highly recommend a PacSafe wallet or something comparable. I was at the Church of the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg a couple of years ago and as I was walking out I noticed my wallet hanging out. Someone had tried to pick my pocket and I didn't even realize it. My wallet saved the day, especially since I had my Russian visa in it as well. 

lenasantorini9847 August 19, 2022

The Athens metro airport train is THE WORST... thieves are in groups of men and extremely aggressive particularly preying on seniors, so ride it from the airport with an abundance of caution! Better to take the #95 airport bus or fixed rate taxi...

BarbBelle August 18, 2022

Be careful at railway stations in Europe Particularly Paris

stricky August 18, 2022

In the old city of Barcelona, 3 young women surrounded me and tried to grab my wallet inside my purse. Stupid me, I was looking at a map while my purse hung loosely on my shoulder. They weren't successful (because I didn't carry a wallet),  but I learned my lesson. A tour guide later in the week pointed out other pick-pocketers as they walked by us. I have heard many other stories about theft in Barcelona. Don't let it happen!

debbelcore8077 August 17, 2022

Yikes, watch out in Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Prague! Only time it was attempted on me (luckily they were not successful) was leaving the subway station in Athens.