Squeeeeeee! Pet Cafes Around the World

You cannot live at these pet cafes, but you will want to.

We’re not just talking cat cafes here, people–they’ve got owls, ducks, an iguana–these delightful coffee shops around the world offer plenty of cute with your caffeine.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Crumbs and Whiskers
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Crumbs & Whiskers

WHERE: Los Angeles

Crumbs & Whiskers is the first cat cafe in Los Angeles. They sell all the fancy coffee drinks (and little treats, as well!) of a regular fancy L.A. café—and there are cats. Plus, with every purchase, the shop helps a shelter cat in need. These kitties aren’t going back to the shelter if they’re not adopted, either. They’re staying right here in the café, safe and sound.

PHOTO: Hypocritus |
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Temari no Ouchi (てまりのおうち Cat Cafe)

WHERE: Tokyo

This might be the most whimsical little cat cafe in the whole world. It looks like something out of a storybook inside, with its woodsy atmosphere and cute little huts (which are usually being climbed on by many cats at a time). It’s like you got lost in a forest and wound up at a cottage entirely run by a bunch of cats. Also, they have desserts.

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Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe

WHERE: Columbus, OH

This part café, part cat adoption center features locally roasted coffee and bottled beverages (you can also BYOB), as well as vegan pastries. They host cats from The Capital Area Humane Society. Also: Looks like they’ll soon be doing an event called “Yogatos” (aka YOGA WITH CATS), so that’s pretty exciting.

PHOTO: Andrey Nastasenko/Shutterstock
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Cafe Ricky

WHERE: Sendai, Japan

This multi-species cafe specializes in owls, but there are lots of other small animals to hang out with here as well. They’ve got hedgehogs, ducks (baby and grown), some parrots, etc. It’s a casual set up and they offer free coffee and soft drinks with admission. It’s been noted that the hedgehogs are a little standoffish, so don’t be offended if they don’t want to be friends with you immediately. You are allowed to pet the owls here, but you have to be gentle.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Moff Animal Café
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Moff Animal Cafe

WHERE: Tsukuba, Japan

This is a laid back animal cafe inside of a shopping mall, with a cat playroom and an aviary–that you can sit and drink your coffee inside of, and just hang out with some birds. They have a large animal room at the front of the cafe, where you can interact with so many animals: meerkats, parrots, rabbits, tortoises, an iguana, and a whole tub full of baby chicks.

PHOTO: Rosshelen |
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Sakuragaoka Café

WHERE: Tokyo, Japan

Okay, so this isn’t really a “goat cafe,” but it is a cafe with goats in it, so it counts. It counts, all right? Look at these goats. It’s a cafe, and there’s goats there, as well.

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Cat Town

WHERE: Oakland, CA

Cat Town is a non-profit organization, and has helped reduce cat euthanasia rates in Oakland from 42% in 2011 to less than 10% today. They have a coffee bar and you can make reservations at the Cat Zone, if you’d like to play with some cats, which of course you would, why wouldn’t you?

PHOTO: MaaDerLaa/Shutterstock
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Harry Hedgehog & Bunny Cafe

WHERE: Tokyo, Japan

You can interact with cute little hedgehogs and bunnies at this Tokyo shop! You can also buy hedgehogs here.

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