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We Talked to 6 Hotel Psychics. These Are Their Predictions for 2023

Yes, hotel psychic is a thing.

These days, hotel guests aren’t just enjoying pillow menus and room service. They’re also getting a peek into their future.

The in-house fortune tellers at five North American hotels want to tell the world what’s coming in the New Year. There wasn’t much consensus, so we’ll have to check back next December to find out who was right.

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Prediction #1: We’ll Be Over Social Media

Come for the location in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island, and stay for the tarot. With its jewel-toned décor, bright patterned throw rugs, and elegant “secret” bar, The Vanderbilt Auberge Resort Collections attracts lovers of interior design, but the hotel also offers an on-site tarot card reader every evening.

To make her 2023 predictions, Julie Basil Pierce pulled cards from three decks: “We’ll retreat from social media and the news, and we’ll become united,” she says. “We’re heading into the age of Aquarius, and that will be a time of consciousness. 2023 will be introspective, unified, and free of power mongers and power plays.”

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Prediction #2: 2023 Will Have a Lot of 2022 Energy

Considering Ojai Valley, California’s reputation as an electromagnetic spiritual “vortex,” it stands to reason that the 220,000-acre Ojai Valley Inn would have a spiritual advisor. Her name is Nancy Furst, and she offers “spiritual counseling” sessions to individuals and couples.

About the New Year, Furst says, “Though in terms of continued fluctuation, upheaval, and uncertainty, 2023 holds much of the same as 2022, we can also expect increased frequencies of light and energy transmissions, unexpected downloads of inspiration and creative solutions, and sudden openings for transcendence and healing.”

The hotel also employs a crystal and reiki energy healer. And skeptics staying at the resort can ignore all that and enjoy a round of golf on the 18-hole course.

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Prediction #3: 2023 Will Be the Year of the Creator

In Chicago, one of the perks of staying in Ruby Room Guest Rooms is the 10% discount on treatments at the chic healing spa and education center Ruby Room. Think chakra sound baths, reiki certification courses, and an “Enerssage” that begins with an “essence reading.” The nine Guest Rooms include the coveted Garden Suite with its four beds and urban terrace.

The Ruby Room’s clairvoyant Leslie Stevenson says, “2023 will be the year of the creator. We’ll wake up to our inner magic. This is the year to write down our intentions, to focus, and to prioritize. Ignite your heart and make a wish. Create, create, create!”

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Prediction #4: Be Wary of Your Deadlines in the New Year

Hotel Cassadaga in Florida is a hotel and psychic center in one, so it’s only fitting that two different psychics offered their predictions.

The hotel’s Spiritual Advisor, Grace De La Rosa, says, “2023 will bring abundance on a holistic level, as well as a desire for much-needed rest and relaxation.”

Lory May Alexander, the psychic specializing in Gong Hee Fot Choy (ancient Chinese wisdom cards), says, “2023 adds up to the number seven, a lucky number that signifies the completion of a cycle. The vibration of the planet is rising.” Ominously, she adds, “Pay attention to deadlines in your life.”

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Prediction #5: 2023 Will Be All About Change

Straight from the Mexican Riveria Maya, Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection tarot reader and shaman Andrea Reyes says, “In 2023, we will reach a truce between the mind and the heart. As we move into a collective awakening of consciousness, we will emerge from our slumber, transforming like butterflies after metamorphosis.”

That peaceful energy infuses the whole resort—mangrove views, guest rooms with private plunge pools, crystal-infused detox masks in the spa, and candlelit dinners on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. Yoga classes, sound healing sessions, and Mayan calendar readings led by a local astrologist round out the wellness theme.