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Adorably Illustrated Legends Explain What Science Couldn’t

These posters show how people have always been creating stories about the things they can’t explain.

Since the beginning of human consciousness, we’ve been making up stories to tell ourselves in order to explain what happened to form the natural wonders of the world. Since science was still way beyond our tiny-brained capabilities (and still is, it seems!), humans went the way of fairy tales and fantasy to explain why things are the way they are.

Vacation rentals search engine HomeToGo collaborated with illustrators to create posters based on these legends that could inspire travelers to visit lesser known destinations, and darn it, they are pretty cute.

01-The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia_NO LOGO
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The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia

WHERE: Turkey

These rock formations are surreal—perhaps that’s why early inhabitants believed they were built by fairies who lived underground.

02-The Land Of The Dragon's Blood Tree_NO LOGO
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The Land of the Dragon’s Blood Tree

WHERE: Socotra, Yemen

Gnarly trees have gnarly origin stories—like that they sprang from dragon’s blood (after a battle with an elephant!)


03-The-Giant’s-Causeway_NO LOGO
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The Giant’s Causeway

WHERE: Northern Ireland

What’s up with these columns rising from the sea? Two giants in a rock-throwing battle, of course.

04-The Sleeping Ute_NO LOGO
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The Sleeping Ute

WHERE: Colorado

Uh oh, this one is a little sad. The Great Warrior God—a plain on a mountain range in Colorado–was wounded while battling evil (same, tbh). The rivers are his bleeding wounds.

05-The Shelter Of The Gods_NO LOGO
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The Shelter of the Gods

WHERE: Iceland

These cliffs look like a horseshoe! Naturally, they must have come from a horse hoof (Odin’s horse, of course).

06-The Moeraki Boulders_NO LOGO
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The Moeraki Boulders

WHERE: New Zealand

This Maori story tells of the Kähui Tipua people, who sailed out with a bunch of sweet potato plants, but were shipwrecked. Those boulders in the water are their preserved potato remains!

07-The Giant’s Tears of Salar de Uyuni_NO LOGO
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The Giant’s Tears of Salar de Uyuni

WHERE: Bolivia

Of COURSE this was a messy love triangle of mountains that led to the tears that created these salt flats. Poor wifey Tunupa. You were too good for Kusku, anyway.

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