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9 of the Best Thrift Stores on Instagram

Now you have a new reason to slide into DMs.

There are plenty of reasons to shop vintage, some opt to secondhand shop for sustainability reasons while others enjoy the task of sorting through knick-knacks high and low to find the item that calls their name. For some, however, the task is not always worth the reward—if you’ve never sifted through a pile of clothes at a flea market, just think about the last time you were in a T.J. Maxx. Now on top of the stress of finding the perfect item before someone else swoops in, there is a virus that’s put a temporary pause on some major estate sales and flea markets. For even the most antiquing savvy, things are beginning to look a little different.

This pause on in-person treasure hunting, however, has opened us up to a new world of antiquing, and it’s all only a click away. While Etsy has always been popular for those looking to find vintage pieces without the hassle of finding them, a new wave of antiquing has taken over a newer app and is now making it easier than ever to shop.

Primarily known as a place to post vacation photos and #FoodPorn, Instagram has started to evolve beyond its original purpose. Thrifters, antique specialists, and vintage hunters have turned here to share (and sell) their favorite finds. Whether you’re looking for a 1960s dress, mid-century modern home decor, or upcycled jewelry, this app has a new, more streamlined way of bringing you vintage finds.

Scrolling has always been easier than sorting through piles of misses and dust, so allow someone else to do the hunting and refining for you. Looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of Instagram thrifting? We’re here to help you get your start, guiding you toward some user-favorites as well as some hidden gems.

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If your wardrobe lacks color, look no further than West Hexes, a Texan Instagram seller specializing in vintage clothing. Whether you’re looking for an oversized tee or hoping to find the perfect ’70s dress to keep spirits high for the rest of quarantine, West Hexes has you covered. While you can always shop their online store, their Instagram offers special deals and first dibs. There are occasional flash sales through the stories, as well as a chance for customer engagement—when a certain item is popular, you (and other customers) have the option to vote on whether or not that item will be raffled or online posted for the fastest clicker.

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This ceramics curator travels Louisiana to find pristine and quirky pieces for your shelves. From NSFW salt shakers to bookends to hand lamps, The Lam Label’s small but perfectly hand-picked collection is bound to have something to fit your home’s quirks. But do be quick, with 17,000 followers, things tend to go fast.

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There has never been a feed quite so soothing. Instagram shop Attic Box has collected all of the best glass and ceramic pieces Louisville, Kentucky has to offer and posted them for sale. While locals can get delivery on larger items, Attic Box also ships the smaller items throughout the U.S. And while the items might look (and be) luxurious, timeless pieces, the prices remain reasonable. If you’re looking to add color to your vanity, end table, or nightstand, the task could be as simple as a DM to Attic Box.

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A New York-based thrifter, Lillan is where you turn when you’re looking to add a little more cool-girl energy to your wardrobe. The shop, equal parts fashion-forward and throwback, has everything from vintage Tommy Hilfiger to Reformation dresses you’d be shocked aren’t from the current collection. Sometimes feminine, sometimes edgy, this collection hits just about every mark. And make sure to keep your eyes on Lillan’s Instagram stories, where there are occasional story-sales (buying is really as simple as replying “sold”).

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Whether it’s wall art you’re going for or a limited set of McDonald’s glasses, Los Angeles-based Freska Living has that, as well everything in between. With the perfect mix of eclectic and contemporary, this brand has made it so they’re a must in just about every type of home. Los Angeles residents can opt for pick-up or drop-off, while other U.S. residents can inquire about shipping. This collection adds the comfort to your home found only in antiques your mom will tell you she remembers having in her home as a kid.

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Combining a knack for thrifting and a talent for creating, Instagram shop Conversations Over Chai finds vintage jewels and beads and upcycles them. Taking outdated necklaces and converting them into statement earrings that rival some popular (and expensive) jewelry designers, this artist creates everyday earrings and pieces for special occasions—this shop is “Miss Frizzle but make it fashion.” Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Find your favorite statement piece and DM to buy or, when available, consider a commissioned piece for an earring that is exactly you.

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Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and Blonde Betty Vintage Homegoods perfectly illustrates that with their selection of dainty but not necessarily quiet vintage finds. Some days it’s a set of antique Bud Light glasses and other days it’s an elegant horse-head perfume bottle; with Betty Vintage you’ll always be surprised and delighted. This Dayton store filters through Ohio’s vintage scene to find you the best statement pieces for your home. And because they tend to be on the smaller side, why not get a few?

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Shopping Cyn R. will place you at the intersection of upcycling and streetwear. Los Angeles designer Cyn R. takes secondhand clothes and pieces them together for a totally new and completely unique garment, just look at this Space Jam sleeping bag turned windbreaker. The designs are modern and fresh, while still being vintage—a win for sustainability—and each piece gives you a better understanding of the designer’s voice and vision. They’re cool, they’re ethical, and they’re one of a kind (you can even DM for commissions). There’s nothing here to not love.

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And lastly, we have an Instagram with the products that most often come to mind when we think “antiquing.” They’re elegant, a mix of glass, stone, and gold, and they’re what you might envision your wealthy great aunt decorating her home with. Frost Road House, a Brooklyn-based collector, finds these stunning home pieces for people like you and me (those who can’t always handle the thrifting ourselves). With beautiful white stone tables and dainty pink glass-wear, this might be the best DM you make.