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7 Incredible Places to Sit and Take It All in at the Tierra Patagonia Hotel

The Tierra Patagonia Hotel in Chile is a magical place to stay.

Nestled in a bluff of lowlands on the shore of Lake Sarmiento and overlooking the famed Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, this luxurious hideaway is the perfect combination of solitude and coziness.

Exploring this gorgeous landscape can be hyperintensively stimulating and physically exhausting, so collapsing into repose is the perfect way to end a day of exploring Patagonia’s mind-blowing scenery. Luckily, incredible views from every window provide a relaxing way to soak up the sights, so you never miss an opportunity to be stunned by one of nature’s grandest displays.

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Your Room's Window Bench

Each room faces the Cuernos del Paine, the major mountain group that includes the three famously spectacular Towers of Paine.  Patagonia’s southern latitude ensures gorgeous sunlight displays any time of year will wake you.

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The Relaxation and Common Area

Wi-Fi is only available in the common areas of Hotel Tierra Patagonia, allowing guests to better moderate the amount of screen time they apply. The relaxation room allows guests a comfortable way to get in some “me time,” while the common area facilitates conversation around the shared view and cozy fireplace.

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The Outdoor Hot Tub

Ever been in a hot tub and thought, man, this is boring. I sure wish there was something to see! If the majesty of the park doesn’t impress you from your thermal bath, perhaps a wild herd of guanaco, wild horses, or rhea birds will wander by.

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Your Bathtub

With only 40 guest  rooms, it’s not likely that the spa, pool, or hot tub will ever get crowded. But if you want to embrace the remoteness, steep in a beautiful bathtub with a window cut-out to the view. Bathe in sunlight while you soak up the Patagonian agua.

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The Reading Room

Enjoy the architectural blend of wood, wool, and written works envelope you in the cushy yet utilitarian reading room. Pick up staff favorites and guest recommendations. Don’t forget to bring Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits for an immersive Chilean experience.

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The Terrace

This open air sunroom affords the same view as the rest of the hotel but with plush lounge chairs and the cool breeze on your skin.

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The Infinity Pool

Accept the limitlessness of the horizon from the infinity pool and spa. Float along under the night sky or watch the lake lap at the shore.

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