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13 Tracksuits for Traveling That Will Bump You Up to Icon Class

Matching sets are all over the runways, but do they make sense for the jetways?

From gym class to RUN DMC’s iconic Adidas to Paris Hilton’s velour Juicy ensembles to Billie Eilish’s logo-laden version of today, the tracksuit will never not be with us.

Originally intended to keep athletes warm during breaks in competition, trackies have seemingly been embraced by everyone, everywhere. For good reason. They’re comfy, sporty, and you don’t have to worry about matching. And while tracksuits make perfect sense for travel, that doesn’t mean they are all fitting for a flight. Too sporty and you look like you’re about to bolt off the bench to save the day in the fourth quarter. Too tight and you run the risk of looking like an off-duty stripper. Too loose and, well, you look like a bubble.

Here are a few that are comfy enough to run laps in, yet fashion-forward for the jet-set crowd.

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The Porcelain-Inspired Trackie

The blue-and-white tiger and palm print remind us of vintage china dinnerware. On that note, this stunning Pam & Gela Jagger Crop Track Jacket and Slim Pant would be most suitable for the 14-hour flight to Beijing.

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The Woodstock-Bougie-Mythical Animal Look

If a hippie, a unicorn, and a fashionista collaborated on the perfect top and bottom pairing and then asked your grandma to knit it for you, no doubt this LoveShackFancy pastel rainbow track pants and hoodie combo would be the result. It’s knit in a divine combo of merino and alpaca wool. We see ourselves in this number on the flight to Coachella.

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East Meets West

Whoever thought the offspring of a kimono and a tracksuit could make such beautiful sense? The culture-clashing Adidas Women’s Originals track jacket and pants is the product of a collab with designer Ji Won Choi who was born in Seoul, raised in Oklahoma, and educated in New York and Paris. All of those influences come to bear on this dreamy ensemble.

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Commuting in Cashmere

Naadam, the company behind this Cashmere Tracksuit jogger and hoodie, has an actual softness ranking system for its wares. This two-piece set rides roughshod over the “soft,” “very soft,” “silky soft,” and “heavenly soft” ratings and snags the lofty title of “softest ever.” The brushed cashmere comes from herders who hand brush their goats in Mongolia. So, there’s that. And it comes in 10 colors. So there’s that, also.

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Couture Trackies

Be a bad guy and channel your inner Billie Eilish in this matchy-matchy Gucci Track Jacket and pants in G rhombus jacquard with stripe detail.

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For You, Literally

Who needs some famous name brand all over your softies when you can rock this super-affordable ASOS DESIGN tracksuit with the word “YOU” printed all over it? I mean it is all about you, isn’t it?

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Can’t Touch This

This color-blocked I.AM.GIA Blaster Jacket and matching pants duo is giving off some serious 1990s music video vibes. Speaking of which, you definitely won’t look like a scrub in this adorable outfit.

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The '90s Called...

Speaking of the ’90s, does anyone remember those Diadora trackies? Well, they’re back, baby, thanks to our nostalgia-loving friends over at Urban Outfitters who were kind enough to partner with the Italian sportswear brand to reissue this aqua (!) and purple (!) legit straight from 1996 track pant and jacket combo. Not only can you use it to cosplay as Tony Soprano, but it also swishes when you walk.

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Juicy Will

The aughts wouldn’t be the aughts without Paris Hilton running around in her velour Juicies. Now, thanks to a historic collaboration, you can own this Brunette Loves Juicy Velour track jacket and pants that include the very important ‘J’ zipper pull detail. In baby pink, of course.

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Silk + Cashmere = Luxury

If it’s good enough for Rihanna and Bella Hadid, it’s good enough for you (or, if we’re being honest, probably a little bit too good). But, if you don’t mind throwing a few G’s at your athleisure wear, it’s hard to locate more luxe than the Missy Moscow Tracksuit by Olivia von Halle in the purest of pure silk-cashmere blends.

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A Made in India Indie Brand

This show-stopping warm-up outfit by NY-based indie brand Abacaxi popped up in our Insta feed and we haven’t stopped obsessing over it since. Jamun Balloon Sleeve Hoodie is boxy with just the right amount of cropping and the matching Jamun Churidaar Legging is inspired by those lovely pants many Indian women wear that bunch up the ankle. Each piece is tie-dyed by hand–the purple hues come from a vibrantly violet-colored fruit from India called the jamun, hence the name. The quote “Love is Like a Banana Tree” is embroidered on the hood. Don’t know what that means but we’d like to ruminate over it while on a flight to India, the motherland of this magical matching set.

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Lovely in Lilac

The utter simplicity of this ASOS Curve Track Suit in a beautiful shade of purple pastel feels right, looks right, and is right in every way.

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Abs Out

While the midriff-baring trackie isn’t for everyone, for those who do like to have their bellies exposed when they travel, this off-white cropped tie-dye sweatshirt and track pants pairing is kinda great.