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12 African Travel Bloggers That You Should Definitely Be Following

Follow along with these bloggers who are sure to inspire your next trip.

In addition to exploring and sharing the beauty of the African continent and the world, some African travel bloggers are going a step further by starting businesses that ease travel for their fellow citizens. Here’s our list of the top 12 African travel bloggers you should follow.

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Katchie Nzama, The Solo Wandera

Katchie is a crusader for community-based tourism. She’s traveled 34 African countries using every available means of transport to prove that it can be done. Beer lovers would benefit from her knowledge of South African brews and favorites from around the continent. She feels comfortable engaging strangers to learn about their daily lives and has gathered a wealth of knowledge about different shades of the African experience. She blogs at The Solo Wandera, but her Instagram and Twitter are a great place to follow her endless adventures. With COVID lockdowns putting a limit on how far she can travel, she’s learning scuba diving to plunge even deeper in her experience of the world. Katchie hopes to complete all 55 African countries when restrictions are finally lifted.

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Amanda Mouttaki, Maroc Mama

This is one of the best-curated blogs with everything you’d need to experience Morocco both as a traveler or just someone interested in the culture, food, and lifestyle. Maroc Mama is full of trip ideas, recipes, and the best places to eat, including tips on interior design Moroccan style. The blog also provides a platform for people to learn about travel in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Its author, Amanda Mouttaki is an American who’s settled in Marrakech with her Moroccan husband Youssef. Together they run Marrakech Food Tours, a service that helps visitors discover the best places to eat local food in the famous city.

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Milly Mira, Gallant Escapes

Gallant Escapes offers a visual experience of the world through well-themed and vibrant photography at some of the best locations. Milly Mira pulls this off with the flair of an African who feels comfortable wherever she chooses, whether shooting from Jamaica or Turkey. Follow the Cameroonian’s blog for an African’s perspective of the most storied cities and her Instagram for a feast of color. This is a guide to looking good when you hit the road.

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Dawn Jorgensen, The Incidental Tourist

Award-winning South African travel blogger Dawn Jorgensen is one of the most experienced hands in the business. She’s a founding member of the African Bloggers Network which is connecting African bloggers to increase the opportunities available to them. The Incidental Tourist has been running since 2010 and details her experiences in destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Dawn’s blog is also filled with a rich collection of photos, videos, and podcasts that demonstrate her passion for sustainable travel. For information and entertainment, this is one of the best blogs to follow.

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Zainob Fashola, Zee Goes

Visiting West Africa? Zainob Fashola can help you start your journey at Zee Goes, a comprehensive travel blog with information on flights, destinations, visas, deals, and food. Her blog also publishes the latest news on African travel, including information on how politics abroad is affecting travel for Africans. Zainob writes out of Lagos, Nigeria, so her experience backpacking her home country, Africa, and the rest of the world is a great resource to people visiting Africa and Africans touring the world.

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Winnie Rioba, Just Rioba

If you’re reading this from work and wondering how to squeeze in the time to travel, this one’s for you. Just Rioba is dedicated to the busy African professional who loves travel yet can’t manage to take time off. Winnie Rioba will teach you how to take advantage of downtime, plan around public holidays, and travel solo and on a budget around Kenya and East Africa. Kenya, her home country, is one of Africa’s top destinations and Winnie makes it accessible with guides around its parks and safaris, the Rift Valley, Maasai culture, and much more.

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Vaughan and Lauren Manuel McShane, The Travel Manuel

Traveling with two kids isn’t easy, but going on a lifetime adventure with them is a mission Vaughan and Lauren Manuel McShane are intent on experiencing as they seek adventures out of their home in Cape Town. To document their adventures, Daddy handles web development and photography while Mummy writes. Together they have transferred their passion into a blog that showcases prime destinations in Africa and the five other continents they’ve visited. The Travel Manuel also features guest posts from like-minded travel bloggers around the world, making it a truly global travel resource.

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Sam Adeleke, Travel with Sam

This blog makes a point of blending immersive tours around Nigeria with culture, travel tips, and hard-core travel news, and it works just fine. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything travel, with deals and information for Africans who’re looking to explore emerging destinations both at home and abroad.

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Amarachi Ekekwe, Travel with a Pen

A lot of time has been invested into making this place feel like an intimate conversation with Amarachi Ekekwe, who lets you peep into her cherished diary. Her sweet blog is adorned with beautiful photographs taken by her travel partner and husband Mark who also contributes articles and videos. Writing comes naturally to Amara, so it’s easy to follow her experience from Lagos to neighboring West African countries as well as the over 20 destinations the couple has visited.

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Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki, Throttle Adventures

Nothing screams romance like two lovers hitting the road on motorbikes to learn about their native Kenya and Africa. As if that’s not enough, Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki have both set individual African records for long-distance rides on a bike. Since meeting at a bikers’ event they’ve been on the road together for three years, traversing 50 countries and seven continents.

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Funmi Oyatogun, TVP Adventures

Funmi Oyatogun is an avid Nigerian explorer whose passion for budget, local travel is inspiring others to discover Africa. Her devotion extends to an investment in TVP Adventures, a travel start-up that clears the hurdles so Africans can get more out of their trips both at home and abroad. The site offers packages to places like Mount Kilimanjaro, Japan, and Bali in local currency with curated experiences that are tailored to their specific interests. Funmi also spends time trying to get more African bloggers to collaborate to promote travel.

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Neema Jodie Ngelime, The Bongolese

This is where you go to see compelling images of the African experience and beautiful reimagined perspectives through the lens of Tanzanian Neema Jodie Ngelime. Neema is a visual creative whose management of light, space, and photography draws you into the world of her subjects all while letting them move on with their lives. Her work has been featured on CNN, and will definitely get more attention over time.