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11 Wedding Gifts for Globe-Trotting Couples

What do you get for the couple that cares more about passport stamps than waffle irons and china?

Most couples have a shared hobby or interest. For some, it might be a mutual love for travel. Help the lovebirds in your life achieve bucket-list-trip status more quickly with these inspiring gifts, whether it’s a leather-bound journal to chart future travel plans, a wall map devoted to planning trips to national parks, or any number of monogrammed leather goods designed for—you guessed it—travel. From luggage tags and passport holders to the ideal weekend-getaway bag, here are 11 awesome gifts to inspire you this wedding season.

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Monogrammed Leather Luggage Tags

Upgrade a couple’s luggage tags (especially if they’re still using airline-provided paper tags!) with these fancy leather tags from Pottery Barn in sleek gray or elegant white. Make it even more special by monogramming each of their initials into the leather (on separate tags).

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Leather Weekender Bag

This handsome bag from Madewell—which comes in either black or English saddle—is the ideal size for a romantic weekend getaway to the coast or to the lake. Consider tacking on monogrammed personalization (like the couple’s first-name initials) to your gift.

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Customizable Travel Map

A couple united by a love for travel will no doubt log even more miles together. This customizable travel map (push pins chart progress and track future voyages) keeps bucket-list-trip goals front and center—especially if hung near the dining-room table, making it easy to pore over maps and guidebooks over dinner or lazy weekend brunches.

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Leather-Bound Travel Journal

Honeymoons are for relaxing, but why not also document the journey for later? Jotting down in this leather-bound travel journal (black, tan or green) the name of a cute café, a funny quote, or a description of that amazing pasta dish eaten in a small Tuscan town saves tons of Googling later. This can also be used to archive the planning process. (Bonus: world maps are in the journal.)

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“Anywhere Travel Guide” Card Deck

Perfect for dinner parties or quiet nights in, this deck of 75 cards—the result of the author’s master thesis in Sweden—features prompts to chat about virtually any city on the planet, including one’s own backyard. For example, a prompt might be to ask the person next to you what his or favorite street is.

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Jet Set Candy's Airport-Code Charms

Earmarking the couple’s honeymoon destination or the city in which the proposal took place, these gold (also in silver) charms from Jet Set Candy are sold at Bloomingdale’s. Destinations such as San Francisco, Aruba, Chicago, Maui, Savannah, Martha’s Vineyard and Barcelona (there are around 80 in all) are fondly referred to by their airport codes. Charms can be added to a necklace or bracelet.

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National Parks Explorer Map

This hand silk-screened map is perfect for an adventure-seeking couple who aims to hike and camp in as many national parks (maybe all 59?) as they can. Tree-shaped stickers mark past and future park visits. Designed in Brooklyn (by a couple who owns a design studio) and printed in Kansas, this map also boasts domestic roots.

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Monogrammed Leather Passport Holder

For some people, protecting their passport is just as important as keeping the silverware polished. With these foil-embossed monogrammed leather holders from Mark & Graham—designed just for holding passports, with a choice of 12 hues, from pink to navy—they can breathe easy.

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National Park Candles

After the literal honeymoon, reality sets in—including a rough week at work. Maybe an aroma of Yosemite’s “Firefall,” Redwood National Park’s “Avenue of the Giants” and Yellowstone’s “Old Faithful” —the three scents in this National Park candle series—might slow the heart and mind?

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Beach Hats

With all those honeymoon shots to upload to social media, any newlywed couple will want to look stylish, even while the sun is beating down or a strong wind whipping through. These Banana Republic raffia hats come in navy or natural beige—buy two so your favorite couple can (sort of) match. Bonus: they’re totally packable.

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A Book About Bucket Lists

It’s difficult to imagine, but even the most wanderlusty of couples might run out of ideas for trips. “The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small” by Kath Stathers, which published in 2017, documents 1,000 adventures with stunning photos. Organized by hemisphere and GPS coordinates, the highly experiential trips range from glass blowing in Czechia to learning a foreign language.

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