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11 Nude Beaches Where You Can Take It All off This Summer

There are plenty of places to go au naturel and enjoy the summer sun. Check out these 12 picturesque clothing optional beaches and resorts throughout the United States.

If you want to get a little bit daring this summer, you might want to try a clothing optional beach. Some of these beaches are a hike down rugged, twisted trails, others are just around the corner from a popular clothed destination. Or, you might have to clamber over lava rocks at low tide to access the spot where you can sunbathe in your birthday suit. Whatever it takes to get there, you’ll be sure to find a beautiful, secluded spot to go au naturel.

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Black’s Beach

Just beneath the iconic rocky cliffs of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, there’s a place where humans go au natural. The winding dirt trail from the Gliderport parking area descends 300 feet to the expansive beach below, where you can shed your layers to soak up the warm Southern California sun. If you’re expecting a black sand beach, you might be disappointed. Black’s Beach is named after the Black family, who owned a farm overlooking the beach back in the day, and the name stuck.

INSIDER TIPDon’t wander too far without your clothes, though—the south end of Black’s Beach is owned by the city, and nudity isn’t allowed.

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Red Rock Beach

You may see a lot of moving parts at this clothing-optional beach near San Francisco, as naked people play Ultimate Frisbee along a stretch of hardened sand. Without shirts, who knows how teams tell each other apart at this sun swept and private beach, where onlookers spread out towels and blankets for picnics and sun-bathing. The beach is located down a twisting, rocky trail that begins at an unmarked parking lot along Highway 1, just south of Stinson Beach. Oddly, Red Rock Beach has become a popular bouldering destination for young people, who remain fully clothed as they scale the rocky mounds. Sometimes, dolphins play in the surf at this secluded beach; maybe you’ll catch a glimpse if you get lucky.

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Little Beach

WHERE: Maui, Hawaii

Feeling the need to body surf in your birthday suit? Head over to Little Beach, just a short hike across jagged lava rocks on the north end of Big Beach, aka Makena Beach State Park. Nudity is technically illegal in Hawaii, but authorities turn a blind eye to the nude sun worshippers here. Wiggle your toes in the powdery white sand, then head for a swim in the warm turquoise surf, staying away from the reefs on either side of the cove. On Sundays, you can participate in a drum circle and watch fire dancers as the sun dips below the horizon.

INSIDER TIPYou’ll want to be extra aware of the tide tables when you head over to Little Beach. It’s impossible to cross the rocky patch between Big and Little when the tide is high, and you could be stranded for hours.


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Haulover Beach

If you want a slice of beach perfection, Haulover Beach is just the ticket. Nude sunbathers spread out on soft white sand on this 0.4-mile long beach, situated on the edge of the warm Atlantic. If your skin is getting too crispy in the sun, there are shaded picnic areas and chairs for rent. Grab a cold drink and chips at the snack bar while you lounge on a warm Florida afternoon. Don’t expect this to be a private experience, though. As many as 7,000 people visit Haulover Beach on a single day, making it one of the most popular nude beaches in the country.

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Collins Beach

WHERE: Sauvie Island, Oregon

A golden stretch of sand along the Columbia River just north of Portland, Oregon marks this delightful, tree-lined beach, popular among nudists since the 1970s. A small section of the 1-mile beach is set aside for nude romping, so be sure to stick to your private corner when taking it all off. This beach is peaceful, relaxing spot with a wild vibe; it’s surrounded by 12,000 acres of fish and game reserve. Dip your toes or wade in the river on a hot, Pacific Northwest summer day as you watch speed boats skim over the water.

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Marshall’s Beach

You’ll get views of both the Golden Gate Bridge and people’s rear ends at this popular clothing-optional locale along the chilly Pacific Ocean. This beach isn’t only inhabited by nudists, though—it’s also a popular spot for tourists to take stunning pictures of the bridge, and for history buffs to check out artillery installations from the early 1900s. Don’t expect to swim here, as strong rip tides and cold water make for dangerous conditions. It’s best to bring a towel or chairs and simply soak up the sun.

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Gunnison Beach

WHERE: Sandy Hook, New Jersey

It’s easy to hop a ferry from bustling New York to the relaxing wonderland of Gunnison Beach, situated along the northern tip of the Jersey shore. This wide patch of sand is the only place you’re allowed to be naked in New Jersey, and it’s the largest clothing-optional spot on the eastern seaboard. So grab your towels and drinks, hop on a ferry, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon sipping cold drinks and enjoying dazzling views of the Brooklyn and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

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San Gregorio Private Beach

Some say this driftwood-strewn swatch of sand with tidepools and caves is America’s first nude beach, established in the late 1960s. Some beachgoers use the driftwood to build shelters from the wind where they can sunbathe in relative warmth. Don’t mix up this beach with the state-owned San Gregorio Beach just to the south, or you might get a ticket from a park ranger for wandering around sans clothing. This beach is privately owned, and you’ll be charged an entrance fee to access the two miles of pristine sand.

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Rooster Rock State Park

In the picturesque, glacier-carved gorge that separates Oregon and Washington, there’s a strip of beach for nudists along the lazy Columbia River. It’s a pristine spot for a summertime day sans clothing, where you can read a book or wade in the chilly water. This nude beach has vistas like no other, with the towering, tree-lined walls of the gorge rising on either side. Put your clothes back on when you leave the nudist zone; the rest of the park is for the covered up.

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Hippie Hollow

WHERE: Austin, Texas

On the sun-speckled limestone rocks on the edge of Lake Travis lies the only legal public nudist area in the state of Texas. Some of the old-timers have been frequenting this spot since the 1960s, and on any given sunny day, hundreds of people can be found sunbathing and swimming at this popular destination. Don’t expect a sandy beach though; the park features a steep, rocky shoreline. You can expect a little peace and quiet, though, as nobody under 18 is allowed.

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Moshup Beach

When you first head down to Moshup Beach, also known as Aquinnah Beach, you might not think you’re at a clothing optional spot. But if you keep on walking, you’ll find the nude portion of the beach, where you’re free to strip, walk and wade. Some sunbathers like to scoop big handfuls of mud from the colorful Aquinnah Cliffs and take beachside mud baths on this gorgeous stretch of sand.

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