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10 Travel Buys That Are Essential for Your Post-Pandemic Vacation Peacocking

All dressed up and everywhere to go.

Over the years, you’ve likely given some thought to curating the essentials you pack for everything from an extended stay to a quick getaway. Carefully selecting items for their versatility and timeless qualities. But, after a long, year-plus of a hermit-like existence hidden away from the world, who wants to blend in right now? For your first post-pandemic, post-vaccination vacation add a little (or a lot of) pizazz to your travel go-to’s. We’re talkin’ bold prints, striking colors, shimmering rhinestones—basically, if it looks like it was made out of a Real Housewives reunion dress, we’re adding-to-cart.

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Slip-on Sneakers

Though the things we didn’t miss about air travel will still be waiting for us, there’s nothing a little glitter can’t make more bearable. These gold glitter slip-on sneakers with applique daisies will make doing the security line shuffle a little brighter and allow you to dart to your boarding gate with ease.

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Comfy Pants

Anyone who’s endured long-haul travel days had probably already come to embrace the notion of wearing comfortable pants outside the home. But, in a post-WFH-fit world, society at large has truly gotten on board with the notion of “comfy but make it fashion.” This makes now the perfect time to invest in a pair of Farm Rio’s Mystic Jungle Wide Pants. They’re comfortable, they’ve got that oh-so-chic wide leg, and the kind of stunning print that invites compliments in droves.

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Passport Holder

One delightful trend that came out during the pandemic is the resurgence of tie-dye. So if you’re repurposing your sweatshirt-sweatpants set from being a WFH staple to your in-flight go-to, why not have a passport holder to match. This textured tie-dye passport case from Stoney Clover Lane is the perfect accessory to ensure that you’re on island time, even if you’re waiting in line at customs. Bonus points: the eye-catching kaleidoscope of color means you don’t have to worry about leaving it on the nightstand in your hotel room.

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While you might be lucky enough to be able to sleep on a plane, there’s a good chance you don’t want to spend your whole flight napping. What if you want to be awake for meal service? Or maybe you didn’t catch some of the finer points of The Devil Wears Prada on your last several flights. With this eye mask from Verameat, your third eye can remain open and on the lookout for passing drink carts while you enjoy your in-flight snooze.

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Water Bottle

Maybe we’d all be a little better about hydrating if we were drinking out of a vessel that looked less like a boring old water bottle and more like something that would be stolen by jewel thieves during the city of Gotham’s most opulent gala—like this crystal-embellished water bottle from Rosantica. Once you’re on the other side of security (always make sure it’s empty before you go through the line or kiss those crystals goodbye!), you’ll be the talk of the terminal as you fill up at the closest water fountain.

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You’ve made it through the other side of the (metaphorical) storm, and now a (literal) rainbow is breaking through the clouds. This rainbow paper raffia tote from Kurt Geiger is the perfect personal item for keeping track of passports, boarding passes, lip balm, etc. Plus, you can go straight from the airport to the beach without missing a beat.

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Luggage Tag

If you’re lucky enough to have never fretted about whether or not there’d be room in the overhead bins for your rolling bag, congrats, but for those who are regularly in the last group to board (and thus whether or not there will be any space in the overhead bin becomes a game of roulette that may end with your bag being checked whether you like it or not) you’ll want to at least make sure you have a luggage tag. You’ll feel very assured to instantly recognize your bag sailing onto the carousel thanks to this handy silicone, smooch-shaped tag.

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Duffel Bag

This large weekend bag has practically everything you need in a carry-on–plenty of space, a sleeve for slipping it onto the handle of your rolling suitcase, a separate compartment for shoes. But the metallic bronze color of the Luka duffel bag from CALPAK embodies all the fun of stowing your items away in the foil they put on the underside of space shuttles.

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Heads will turn to see what you’ve affixed to your head when you don the Taylor Oil Slick Headphones from Frends. Whether you’re killing time in the lounge listening to that new true-crime podcast or queuing up your carefully curated “Going on Vacation” playlist, you’re going to look impossibly cool doing it.

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Face Mask

What, you thought just because the vaccination has rolled out that it was time to put away your face masks for good? The fact of the matter is, wearing a face mask while traveling is a good idea, pandemic or no pandemic. Not only can it protect you and others from potentially devastating illnesses like COVID-19, it also protects you from run-of-the-mill sicknesses like the common cold. So now’s the time to start making new and improved travel habits—and why not do it in style with a bow mask from Collina Strada.