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10 Savory Ice Creams to Sample This Summer

Ice cream is not just for your sweet tooth anymore.

This summer, ice cream gets savory—with flavors from Bloody Mary to Ants on a Log. Get your fix at these ice cream shops and restaurants across the country.

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Lick Honest Ice Creams

WHERE: Austin, Texas

Local produce plays a big part in the farm fresh flavors at Lick Honest Ice Creams. Try earthy roasted beets with crisp fresh mint paired with a scoop of Pure Luck goat cheese, thyme and Good Flow Honey.

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MAD Social

WHERE: Chicago, Illinois

Crispy Brussels sprout leaves might seem like an odd ice cream topping, but they are a fitting crunchy complement to the smooth and savory extra virgin olive oil gelato at MAD Social.

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Pastaria & Porano Pasta

WHERE: St. Louis, Missouri

Ice cream here uses Big Heart Tea Company‘s Cup of Sunshine dust, a turmeric and ginger tea powder, to make golden milk gelato. Find it in gelato pop form at Porano Pasta or sandwiched between gooey lemongrass cookies and rimmed with Fruity Pebbles cereal at Pastaria.

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Lick Ice Cream

WHERE: Indianapolis, Indiana

First you’ll taste the funky bite of gorgonzola cheese, followed by a sweet crunch from candied pecans in this popular flavor at Lick Ice Cream. There’s a little heat on the finish too, from a splash of cayenne pepper.

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Lu Lu Ice Cream

WHERE: Bristol, Vermont

This summer, Lu Lu Ice Cream is exploring spicy combinations like lemon wasabi and chocolate jalapeño. Basil, made with herbs from a local greenhouse, and Slumdog Millionaire, featuring Vermont Peanut Butter and West Indian curry, are two savory perennial favorites.

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Salt & Straw

WHERE: Portland, Oregon

Salt & Straw creates distinctive limited-edition ice cream flavors from “rescued food,” drawing attention to how 40% of our food supply in the United States goes into the trash. Try the spent brewer’s malts and candied bacon s’mores made with the grains that beer brewers usually throw away. This chunky ice cream has crunchy dark chocolate studded with candied bacon bits and spent grain praline throughout.

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Oddfellows Ice Cream

WHERE: New York City, New York

At Oddfellows, celery sorbet is swirled with a ribbon of smooth peanut butter and studded with rehydrated burnt cinnamon black raisins to mimic a favorite childhood snack – Ants on a Log.

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China Live

WHERE: San Francisco, California

Earthy toasted sesame soft serve ice cream at China Live is topped with rice powder, mango shave ice, and yogurt-flavored boba for a fun and not-too-sweet treat. Look for other Asian flavors including taro shaved ice, miso soft serve, and adzuki bean soft serve.

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Ultimate Ice Cream Company

WHERE: Asheville, North Carolina

Sweet corn and tomatoes are the backbone behind bold summer flavors at Ultimate Ice Cream Company. Bloody Mary sorbet is made with smoked tomatoes from local Imladris Farm and fresh cracked pepper and candied bacon add a salty accent to sweet corn ice cream. Blue cheese swirled with housemade caramel is another year-round savory favorite.

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Mason's Creamery

WHERE: Cleveland, Ohio

Flavors change daily at Mason’s Creamery, where everything is made in microbatches, but you’ll always find a savory option or two like waffle batter ice cream with fried chicken skins, caramelized onion, or even Spam. Vegetarians can try vanilla swirled with sriracha sauce.

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