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#NotBadNews: Let The Rock Make You a Drink

From The Rock’s adorably interrupted cocktail tutorial to one falcon’s new nest, these are the things that made us smile today.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

A Slight Change to Our Favorite Holiday

Nothing can stop Corgi Beach Day, not even coronavirus—but it does make for a few changes. This year, our favorite holiday is going virtual!

On Saturday, Jun 23 you can join in on one of SoCal’s most beloved events. From costume contests to a corgi limbo, this day is sure to leave you saying, “Aww!”


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Let’s be honest, while corgi content is always wanted, we think it’s a little needed right now. We can’t exactly condone going out to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, so might we suggest live streaming everyone’s favorite dog event?

Your Local Grocer Promoting a Liquid Diet

But it’s all in good health! Removing the salad from the salad bar to reduce COVID risk, this grocery store found that they could still put the bar to good use. Where you might have once found lettuce, you’ll now find mini-liquors.  Forget croutons-we want our carbs via beer.

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Recommended Fodor’s Video

This substation has us seriously laughing. Has there been a better response to coronavirus? Because this grocer knows what we really want.

When You Give a Falcon a Snack

After noticing that this falcon has laid eggs in her flower box, this woman decided to start leaving snacks, essentially turning her gardening spot into a wildlife sanctuary.

This falcon lucked into quite the bed and breakfast! This woman might want to start preparing for a returning guest.

This Celebrity Tutorial Gets a Surprise Guest

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter makes it clear that she wants to smell what The Rock is cooking, asking to look, smell, and pour herself. After watching her father start his Mother’s Day cocktail tutorial, she couldn’t help but want to be a part of it. While we’re sure the cocktail is delicious (and who doesn’t love The Rock?), it’s her who steals the show!


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* with a lil’ 4yr old tornado 🌪 running around 😂❤️ This Mother’s Day, I’m sending out XTRA LOVE to all the TereMamas out there who’ve been tirelessly wearing all those extra hats from being a chef, teacher, entertainer, nurse and #1 play date for your babies at home – this drink is for you. When you spoil your mamas this weekend, remember the magic ingredient is whatever their favorite spice, fruit or flavor is. It’s up to her, cos Teremana goes with everything. Remember to send in your videos of those beautiful faces being served their special Mamaritas this weekend. Most importantly, have a happy, healthy and safe Mother’s Day. And rose petals in the drink is always a beautiful touch 😉🌹 #Mamaritas 🥃 #Teremamas 🖤 #MothersDay

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I would say she’s a star in the making, but this video shows me she’s already there! Might she be the next face to grace the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen?

His Fundraiser Earned Him Knighthood

Veteran Tom Moore, who started a fundraiser for his birthday, ended up raising over $39 million to help healthcare workers! After his lap-walking fundraiser went viral, some important people took notice, including Boris Johnson, and he’s now being awarded knighthood.

Sometimes doing good really pays off!

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.