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Listen Up Sports Fans: You Can Rent an Entire House Dedicated to Football

Do you even football, bro?

Tired of the same old position on your couch watching football every Sunday (that’s what day football is on, right?)? Get ready to spice up your football life. And no, this isn’t about spicy chicken wings.

Next time your roommates tell you that you’re not allowed to watch any more football because Westworld is back on, just rent the ultimate viewing venue instead: this insane house dedicated to football.

Only available on, literally everything in this house is covered in astroturf and memorabilia (hey, one person’s nightmare is another person’s dream, right?). The 3,800-square-foot home is in Jersey City, New Jersey and features some pretty insane football fantasies:

  • An 8ft x 10ft video wall for watching the game
  • Another 65″ TV and Xbox for playing that football video game during commercial breaks
  • A whole room dedicated to beer pong, bro!
  • A backyard with a grill
  • Football-inspired art, pennants, vintage memorabilia, and jerseys

Oh, I’ve heard people care about this kind of thing so beware: you might only want to stay here if you’re a Giants fan, otherwise you will 100% lose your damage deposit. If you’re a Giants fan, just don’t spill any buffalo sauce or whatever you sports people eat on the nice white couches.

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