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Fodor’s Travel Tastemaker: Culture Maker-and-Blogger Todd Selby

We have spent hours looking into the personal spaces that Todd Selby has photographed for The Selby. Hours, I tell you. Here’s the rub: he makes his way around the world time and again in search of the coolest people with the coolest spaces so that we can armchair travel with him and ogle his finds. We’re so inspired by his never-ending quest to find what’s fascinating and hyper-local all over the world that it only made sense to make him our ninth Travel Tastemaker. We all hunt for the best hidden gems and local finds when we travel. He just does it better.

Selby has taken us into the homes of everyone from Simon Doonan and Pharrell Williams to Kate Spade and Philippe Starck, and given us behind-the-scenes looks at restaurants from Rockaway Taco to Il Buco. And if that wasn’t enough, he recently released his second book, Edible Selby, in collaboration with the New York Times T Magazine. A photographer after our own hearts!

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We’re (probably too) excited about Edible Selby. Tell us a little about it.

My first book The Selby is in Your Place focused on photographs and interviews with creative people at home. For Edible Selby I wanted to take that format and apply it into a new world. I am super passionate about food; I love traveling, cooking, and eating out. Plus I think there is so much excitement and creativity happening in the food world right now so it was time for me to do a food book.

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You travel all the time for The Selby. What are some favorite places you’ve been?

Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Italy are some of my favorite places.


What is the best meal you ever had while traveling?

The lumpfish roe and grapefruit granite at Relae.

What about the craziest thing you’ve eaten on the road?

A live shrimp that was biting me at Noma.

What has been your favorite discovery on the road?

All of my favorite discoveries from the past 2 years are in Edible Selby. To me, it is a very personal project and it served as my travel diary for places I have been and people I have met.


What are some favorite shops and sights in NYC?

4 and 20 Blackbirds for pie, Blue Bottle for coffee, Mast Brothers for chocolate, Millers Oath for tuxedo and suits, Barker Black for shoes, and Louis Vuitton for luggage.

Any trips coming up that you’re really excited about?

Yes! I am in California on my way back to Asia.

What is always in your carry-on?

My passport, my earplugs, and my laptop.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive somewhere new?

Check in to the hotel then get outside as quickly as possible looking for something great to eat.

Photo credits: Todd Selby courtesy of Backyard Bill; Relae courtesy of P.A. Jorgensen/Relae; Blue Bottle coffee courtesy of Flickr/roboppy

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