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This Fancy Scandinavian Cruise Ship Has a “Snow Room” on Board

Viking Star

The Viking Star might be one of the fanciest new cruise ships on the seas. Built in 2015 with an eye toward Scandinavian design, this small and sleek vessel boasts a deluxe spa with Scandinavian specialties.


The dark and calming spa has all the regular amenities you might expect, like a steam room, a sauna, and a pool. However, there’s some Swedish inspiration at the spa and it’s not just about massages: Alongside the sauna and steam room, there’s a cold plunge pool, a bucket where you can dump icy water on your head, and a “snow room”. The snow room is exactly what it sounds like: a freezing (-10 degrees!) glass room filled with–you guessed it–snow. Alternating between these ultra-cold and ultra-hot temperatures is thought to have a therapeutic effect. You’ll feel like you’re in the wilds of Sweden, jumping from the hot dry sauna into an icy snowdrift.

snow room

The ship’s spa also boasts deluxe massage and facial rooms and a retro-chic hair and nail salon. Up on deck, a glass-walled infinity pool lets you feel like you’re floating above the ocean.

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