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Are You Ready for All of These New Rules at Disneyland?

New rules have just been put into existence (and also, my suggestions for rules that should be).

Disneyland has come out with some new rules lately, and coincidentally or not (the latter), they’re being announced right before the arrival of the much-anticipated opening of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land (opening May 31–so soon!).

Here Are the New Rules

As of May 1, smoking will be banned inside the park entirely. For years, Disneyland has offered designated smoking areas scattered about the park, which were all relatively out of the way of crowds. The timing makes perfect sense as it’s right before the arrival of the park’s first bar (inside the park), Oga’s Cantina, which will exist in the new Star Wars land.

Generally, people are usually pretty good about sticking to the rules and using the smoking sections. And if not, a crew member is usually pretty quick to catch them (you can’t get away with anything at Disney, dude, don’t even try!). However, with the addition of a bar, this could become compromised. As people drink, they’re likely to smoke more, and if they’re drunk, they might not stick to the designated smoking areas. Smoking is already banned in California Adventure and Downtown Disney, which have both long served alcohol. Guests can still smoke outside the parks in designated areas–it’ll just be more of a trek to get to them.

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The next rule comes as a bit of a surprise, albeit a welcome one. Disney is restricting the size of strollers guests can bring inside the park, as well as banning wagon strollers indefinitely. Don’t get too excited, though, if you’re someone who gets annoyed by those who use strollers as bulldozers in the park–most strollers already fit inside the largeness limit. Here’s the math of it (math is what I call facts): Your stroller must be smaller than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Lastly, Disney is also banning dry and loose ice from entering the park in coolers–reusable ice packs are still allowed, and you can also obtain free ice from any counter-service location in the park. So, if you were planning to take a cooler full of dry ice into Disneyland this summer, that’s super weird, and also you can’t. Sorry.

Rules That Should Exist at Disneyland

With these new rules coming into action, I have been daydreaming about other rules that Disney should enforce in their parks. I have many ideas that would improve the wellbeing of guests (specifically: me) just trying to have a family-friendly and pleasant time at the parks.

It should be noted that in this rule-fantasy, there is a new position of security at Disneyland called “common sense guards,” who look out for, essentially, people not using common sense (or are straight-up being jerks).

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If You Are Pushing a Stroller, a Baby Needs to Be in or at Least Near It

It’s a well-known fact by all that some people take advantage of their stroller rights–not just at Disney parks, but truly everywhere. So, look, this rule would mean that if you’ve got a big stroller, there’s got to be a reason–have a baby in it, or by it. Pretty simple! Also: If you are essentially using a stroller as a means of forcing your way through crowds (aka a human bulldozer), the common sense guards may cite you. It is up to their own discretion to decide if you are doing this.

You Cannot Scream in Lines

Screaming and tomfoolery will no longer be permitted in lines. Basically, nobody is allowed to be annoying–you can have fun with your friends, and laugh and talk and enjoy yourselves, but you are not allowed to be obnoxious. The common sense guards will also be enforcing this.

You Cannot Just Stop in the Middle of a Busy Walkway

If you’re in the middle of an area where a lot of people are walking, you cannot just stop walking. This especially goes for groups of people. If you are driving a car on a highway and you’re in the middle lanes, you can’t just stop your car because you need to check your phone or look up a direction–you have to pull off to the side. The same tactic should be applied for walking, and especially for walking at places like Disneyland.

No Saving Places for More Than Two People in Line

Look, if you are saving a couple of spots in line for your friends who went to get food somewhere–that’s fine. But have you ever been waiting in line for a ride (for a very long time) only to have a group of, like, seven friends squeeze by you saying, “Excuse me,” until all seven of them get up to their one friend who is saving their spot? This is not cool! There are too many of you!

I don’t think I will ever be getting my way with any of these new rules, but a girl can dream. Here’s a tip that can probably alleviate all of it, though, in the meantime: When visiting Disney Parks, or, heck, any crowded tourist place, just remember to have respect for those around you. Don’t be a jerk. Thanks.

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