Women Only Floors in Hotels

May 18th, 2007, 06:06 AM
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Women Only Floors in Hotels

For those of you who don't go to Fodors Lounge, I repost this here.

I just saw a report on the Today Show indicating that some hotels are creating "Women Only" floors with some amenities [fresh flowers, upgrades bathroom tolietries] for their female business travelers. Rooms go for about $30 more than similar rooms. Also, they have "women only" lounges where women can relax and have a drink. The newest Grand Rapids Marriott has a floor just for women and so does Crowne Plaza in Minneapolis.

The main emphasis is security and comfort.

So what do you think, Ladies? Would this be of interest to you as you travel for either personal or business?

Of course, there is much debate on whether this is politically correct or even legal.

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May 18th, 2007, 07:26 AM
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I wouldn't turn it down. They might have some excellent new to try feminine perk products- who knows! I am also a real sucker for fresh flowers and wine- so it would probably be a real yes for me. Not just business, but if it was a show/theatre with shopping weekend in Chicago too, for instance.
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May 18th, 2007, 08:33 AM
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Guess you could never bring a guy back to your room.
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May 18th, 2007, 08:34 AM
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But you could hook up with a gal pal for the night!
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May 18th, 2007, 08:37 AM
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May 18th, 2007, 08:37 AM
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I am not a muslim, and don't need this separation!
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May 18th, 2007, 09:26 AM
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Since so many business travelers are women I don;t see why we should have to pay extra for the amenities we should be getting in every hotel room. It seems to me just another type of discrimination.

And why can;t every hotel room have a decent make-up mirror and overhead lights that don;t make you look like the bride of dracula. Given the number of families/couples traveling and the number of female business travelers it seems the hotels are aimed at a fairly small part of the market - just male business travelers. Very short-sighted on their part.

And yes, I have had meetings changed from one hotel to another because they were too "masculine/clubby" - and not making any attempt to provide what female travelers want.
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May 18th, 2007, 09:33 AM
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I hardly think my company, which is fairly generous in allowing us to stay in pricier hotels, would spring for $30 more so we female employees can enjoy fresh flowers and designer hand cream.

Honestly, when I travel, I'm just happy when the wireless connection 1) is free and 2) works.
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May 18th, 2007, 09:55 AM
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"And why can't every hotel room have a decent make-up mirror and overhead lights that don't make you look like the bride of dracula."

Exactly. Why should women have to pay a premium to get ammenities that suit us? And why is it assumed that men wouldn't want to upgraded toiletries?
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May 18th, 2007, 09:57 AM
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I travel a lot for business and pleasure, and would never pay extra for this.

Why does it have to be "women-only" for security reasons? Are they saying the rest of the hotel in unsafe, or that women don't commit crimes? Just work on making the entire hotel safe, that would be my suggestion.
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May 18th, 2007, 11:18 AM
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The next thing you know they'll be installing women only lavatories on airplanes. (for granniem)

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May 18th, 2007, 11:38 AM
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I would not pay extra for this either, and I wouldn't seek out a 'woman only' floor. Actually some may make the argument that this floor would actually be MORE of a target for crime? I don't know - just a thought.

I agree with NYTraveler, why hotels can’t have decent lighting and electrical outlets near the mirrors, etc. is beyond me, and wouldn’t most men also like to be able to see better when they shave or dry their hair etc, and enjoy some upgraded amenities too?

What about occupancy issues in larger cities like NYC? If the entire hotel was booked but the woman-only floor was 30% occupied, the hotel can't rent the rest of the rooms to anyone but women – right? This doesn't seem to make sense from that standpoint, unless I am missing something here.
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May 18th, 2007, 12:30 PM
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Bed & Breakfasts catering to business travelers have added all the things you mention and more - great lighting, magnifying mirrors, beautiful robes, luxurious linens, wonderful amenities, desks, casual places to realax with a glass of wine, safe, free wireless Internet too!!! Breakfast and special corporate rates too!
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May 18th, 2007, 02:38 PM
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I travel on biz a lot. I don't think I would pay more for this but I do understand the security issue. There's a hotel I really like in NY that still has an attended elevator. If I'm coming in late from a meeting, I like the idea that a person is making sure I get to my floor okay and no one else is getting off behind me. Just like when I leave my office late and have a guard walk me through the parking garage. There's an amazingly small risk that something bad could happen - but it does feel comforting to minimize that risk.
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May 18th, 2007, 03:14 PM
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Cool, are they going to start making "Men Only floors". You know, a place where it is ok to go to the breakfast buffet in just your robe and they don't ding you $7.95 for those embarrassing movies that your swear to your boss you only watched for like 30 seconds. Not that I'd ever done that.
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May 18th, 2007, 03:19 PM
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I think men only floors should have two toilets one with the seat down and one with the seat up.
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May 18th, 2007, 04:27 PM
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Now a men's only floor I can understand

Evening social hour with cocktail waitress in sexy lingerie

Special 'sneak in/sneak out' express elevator for 'guests'

Lounge with 4 plasma TVs & beer on tap


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May 18th, 2007, 04:45 PM
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I don't get the security issue, either. Not meaning I don't understand that women are concerned with security, but why would a women only floor be safer except if men were somehow banned from ever entering?

How in the world would this be policed?
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May 18th, 2007, 08:54 PM
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Welcome to the 21st century, granniem. Please do try to keep your bigotry to yourself. Your remark was totally unnecessary. To you I say "ewww".
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May 19th, 2007, 06:18 AM
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I wouldn't pay extra for this service, and I agree that it might make the women on that floor *more* of a target than the women on a normal floor. And you shouldn't have to go to a "business-oriented" B&B to get proper lighting and well-placed outlets.
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